The Top 25 Most Vegan-Friendly Universities

When you’re trying to decide where to go to college, the quality of the food might not be the first thing you think about. But if you’re vegan, you know that it’s one of the most important factors. After all, it’s going to be difficult to maintain your diet for the next four years if none of the dining halls on campus have vegan options.

While many universities are getting better at providing a variety of healthy food options for students, there are some that outshine the rest. To help you decide on a university that suits your specific nutrition needs, we’ve compiled a list based on previous national rankings, Yelp data, student reports and more. For more information on our criteria, read our Methods section after the list.

Without further ado, Rent College Pads presents: the Top 25 Most Vegan-Friendly Universities.

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UNC-Greensboro Off-Campus Housing: Top 10 Landlords

Looking for your first house or apartment can be…overwhelming, to say the least. The goal is to have as much information as you can before you sign a lease, that’s why you spend so long searching and filtering, right? One of the biggest fears a lot of students have is signing with a less than a great landlord.

That’s why we decided to do some digging to find the top 10 landlords in Greensboro. We shuffled through hundreds of reviews to find the best of the best to choose from, and to make your off-campus housing search that much easier (you’re welcome).

And to really make life easy, check out a whole bunch of UNCG off-campus housing options.

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Texas Tech University Off-Campus Housing: Top 10 Landlords

Going through a house or apartment hunt can be wicked stressful. Pair that with your already packed schedule and trying to work out a plan with your future roomies and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. College is stressful, we get it. But your off-campus housing hunt doesn’t have to be.

Rent College Pads did some digging through hundreds of Google and Facebook reviews to find our top picks for landlords in Lubbock. For a full list of properties near Texas Tech, check out our map page.

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Top Texas Tech Traditions

If you’re just starting your college adventure as a Red Raider, you’ve got a lot to learn (and if you’re asking yourself “What’s a Red Raider?”, then you’ve got a lot to learn). Texas Tech is home to some iconic traditions, and if you want to be a part of the crew, you’re going to have to catch up on them. When you’re not busy searching for apartments and homes near Texas Tech, take some time to browse our definitive list of TTU traditions you should know about!

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Best Bars and Pubs at Urbana-Champaign

After an exhausting day of classes, homework, work-study and intramurals at UIUC, you’re going to want a break from time to time. Why not drop by your favorite bar for a drink? With so many great choices near campus, finding the best bars can be just as hard as finding apartments and houses in Urbana.

But don’t panic just yet, because Rent College Pads is here to help with that, too! Check out our list of bars you don’t want to miss during your time at Urbana-Champaign.

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The Top Restaurants For Binghamton Students

Fine dining and fancy restaurants are all well and good… when your parents are footing the bill. But if you’re a smart college student attending Binghamton University, you know that food can be both good and cheap. After all, why break the bank when your tuition and dorm fees are already doing that for you? When you’re not looking for apartments near Binghamton’s campus,  here are some of the best places to eat near campus that won’t crush your life’s savings into tiny, sad little pieces. 

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RCP Hits the Road: What We Learned at ITGA 2018
ali bartmer

The Rent College Pads booth at the ITGA conference!

Last week, the Rent College Pads team hit the road to learn about issues and opportunities modern campuses are facing in 2018. We met a variety of students, companies and community members at the International Town and Gown Association City & University Relation Conference in Columbus, Ohio, who talked with us about current higher education trends. Read on to hear the big concepts being discussed this year.

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Top 5 Notable UDel Alumni


Many now-famous individuals have passed the iron gate at UDel (flickr)

College is a scary place full of doubts and terrors. Questions strike you in the middle of the night, jolting you upright in bed as you hit your head on your roommate’s bunk above you (and scaring him awake in the process): Do I live in the dorms or find my own place? Did I choose the right university? Should I just drop out and become a waiter at Chili’s down the street?

If you’re attending the University of Delaware, don’t put on your server apron just yet. You’re in the right place, and it might help to know that hundreds of notable people asked themselves the same questions when they were in your shoes. Take a look at some of the many UDel success stories below to help calm your creeping college woes.

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How To Park At UW Milwaukee


The average windshield of a UWM student (flickr)

You’ve been there before: there’s ten minutes to get to class at UWM and you’re looking for free parking. And why wouldn’t you? If you paid for parking five days a week for four years, it’d cost around $10,000. The problem is, finding free parking at UW Milwaukee is pretty much like finding a unicorn on June 34th.

The good news is that this isn’t a new problem. Over the years, students have researched everything from secret spots to police ticketing patterns.

They’ve figured out the best places to park, as well as what not to do when parking.  A lot of students even base their entire east side of Milwaukee housing search process around how quickly they can walk to campus. We’ve gathered some of their secrets and shared them here.

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How College Students Feel About Gun Control

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Las Vegas. Stoneman Douglas. Sandy Hook. Santa Fe High. The Youtube headquarters. These seemingly unrelated locations have been forever tied by a grim thread that runs through American culture -mass shootings. As of early 2018 there have been 1,624 mass shootings in the last 1,870 days. Crunch some numbers and that data gets even darker: roughly 86 percent of all days in the past five years have had a mass shooting.

Sadly, it’s a trend that isn’t slowing down: just months after the Stoneman Douglas High School victims organized popular social media campaigns like #NeverAgain and #MarchForOurLives, there have already been more shootings in places like Maryland and Texas.

There’s no clear winner when it comes to addressing proper gun use in America. But despite the complexity of gun laws, the conversation has been steered by younger Americans -those under 25 -in the wake of the Las Vegas and Stoneman Douglas shootings. While high school students participated in marches and walkouts, we surveyed thousands of college students from around the country and gathered their responses regarding American gun control and gun culture.

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