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  •  1824 Muscovy Way Seneca, SC 29678
    A View at the Pier
    • 08/04/2018

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  • 700 Berkeley Pl Cir Clemson, SC 29631 USA
    Campus Evolution Villages
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  • 31 Clemson Pl Cir Clemson, SC 29631 USA
    Campus Evolution Villages West
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  • 386 College Avenue Clemson, SC 29631 USA
    U Centre on College
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    • 779 - 989

Clemson University Off-Campus Housing Guide When to search

October's a big month. The weather cools down a bit. Halloween gives you the opportunity to dress like an idiot without anyone judging you. And everyone in Clemson starts looking for an apartment for the following school year.

To find your perfect place you need to at least begin searching in October and decrease your procrastination by a lot in November. There seem to be two types of students here. Half will search and sign before winter break. The other half will search and enter a waitlist before winter break and sign after consulting the parental authorities when returning from break. Live to the beat of your own drum but the better places go first.

Rent In Clemson

If you can find even the simplest job near campus, you'll have enough money for rent, especially if you live with a friend or two.

While there are some expensive studios and one bedroom places, living with a roommate dramatically decreases your rent cost, which increases your having fun budget. Living on your own always will cost a premium, but in Clemson it's almost double the cost of living with roommates. We would recommend finding the sweet Clemson apartment or house for yourself with one or two roommates.

$674.00 $330.00 $325.00 $375.00

Life in Clemson, SC Where to Have Fun

Things to Do

Football. Football. Clemson Football. The Tigers. Football. Are we on the same page yet? Clemson football and basketball are a great way to have fun and overall meet some really cool people. On any other day when you need to relax, Bowman Field can help with that. Plan a picnic for a nice afternoon or even toss a Frisbee while you hang out. With over 400 student organizations at Clemson, there are many groups for you to find your involvement. Intermural sports also have a very high participation rate from the student body.

We don't want to give away a good spot, but some have troubles finding a nice beach on Lake Hartwell. There is a lot of foliage around lake Hartwell which makes it so beautiful but you may find a clearing at Y Beach.


It's hard not be indecisive when choosing what you want to eat or where you're going to drink next. That's why College Avenue can be the one stop shop for you. Take your parents out for a nice dinner and minutes later you can throw down with friends with a recovery breakfast the next morning.

We have a list of noteworthy places we believe you should try.

  • TD's
  • Tiger Town Tavern
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Pot Belly Deli
  • Sardi's Den

It's rumored you cannot graduate Clemson without stopping in at Mac's Drive In. We're sure you won't be disappointed with the food and for graduating after visiting Mac's. Late night breakfast food or even in the morning, either way, the 24-hour Huddle House is clutch.


You don't have to venture far for the many Clemson University running and biking trails.

  • Short Dyke Run -Distance: 3.88 Miles
  • Campus 5 Mile
  • YMCA Loop -Distance: 4.2 Miles
  • Big Campus Loop -Distance: 5.6 Miles
  • Lighted Campus Loop -Distance: 3.0 Miles

For a night run, we recommend the Lighted Campus Loop which by the name is lighted at all times.

Planning and buying equipment for any adventure can be quite a hassle. Also, you may not be in midseason form in the skill department for many of the adventures you want to take. Clemson University takes care of all of this for you with events that you can sign up for to explore the area. Afterward, you can always explore more on your own with equipment rentals.