A Guide For Rental Housing In Bowling Green Ohio


A Guide to Living in Bowling Green

Becoming familiar with the city of Bowling Green will help to determine which area of the city will be the best fit for you, along with knowing how far your commute to the Bowling Green State University campus will be.

To help make your search for off-campus housing and apartments in Bowling Green easier, we have created an overview of where students live when attending Bowling Green State University. Each of these neighborhoods is within walking distance to campus, or just a short bike, car, or bus ride away.

Bowling Green State University is located just east of the city’s vibrant downtown area.  Being that Bowling Green is very much a college town, and Bowling Green State University is a large party school, student residents are the most prevalent. The median age for residents living in Bowling Green is 23.2 and over 40% of the population is between the ages of 18-24.

Bowling Green isn’t an extremely large city and can loosely be broken up into “student housing” and then “everybody else.” The area that most BGSU students live in is often referred to as the “student ghetto.” This area is comprised of the numbered streets surrounding the campus. Most of the town west of Main is residential and everything east of Main is BGSU dominated, although, in recent years students have begun to move into the more residential territory and can be found living throughout the entire city.  As a general rule, the farther west you get from Bowling Green State University the less student dominated the neighborhoods will be.

Just over 55% of the housing units in Bowling Green are renter occupied. Of all the property types in Bowling Green, 45% of those are multi-family, meaning that those properties have three or more units per a structure. The average for the state of Ohio is only 19% for multi-family dwellings so it is apparent that the city meets the demands of the student body. Again, many of these properties are found around BGSU and the downtown Bowling Green areas and are specifically made to be student rental houses and apartments. Many units surrounding BGSU are easily walkable to and from campus. However, there are larger off-campus student housing apartments such as Village Green and Stadium View Apartments that are about a 5-10 minute drive to campus. Walking would take anywhere from 20-30 minutes from these apartments or any of the other housing around the area south of campus. Riding a bike is common, or utilizing the B.G Transit or BGSU Shuttle systems are great alternatives.

Much of the area surrounding the BGSU campus is residential, but there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. Most of Bowling Green’s businesses are chains and surrounding campus students have their pick of Dunkin Donuts, Panda Express, Buffalo Wild Wings, and McDonald’s, to name a few. Local favorites include Eat at Oasis for pizza and Campus Quarters for drinks. Let’s not forget about the Falcon pride! Like most college campuses, sports are huge at BGSU, especially football and hockey. Each of these stadiums is located on campus and you can find thousands of pumped of students at every game!  

Just west of Bowling Green State University is Downtown Bowling Green. All of the action of Downtown can be found surrounding both Wooster and Main Streets. Easily walkable from the BGSU campus, you’ll find many more of the popular chains like Taco Bell, Jimmy Johns, Domino’s and a CVS, but Downtown has much more to offer. There are tons of local shops and some of the most popular bars in that area Uptown-Downtown, Reverend’s and Howard’s Club H. Popular restaurants include SamBs, Easystreet Cafe, and El Zarape.  Amongst the many downtown businesses is Clazel Entertainment, an event venue, that hosts many concerts throughout the year. Downtown Bowling Green also plays host to several events throughout the year. Each Wednesday, May through September, is the Downtown Farmer’s Market. Other events held during the year are the Art Walk, Winterfest, and the Classics on Main Car Show.     

To recap, here are some helpful tips/reminders:

  • Most students living off-campus in Bowling Green live east of Main Street near the Bowling Green State University
  • Make sure your new place is easily accessible to shopping and grocery stores for running errands


Bowling Green Crime Statistics:

The City of Bowling Green has been able to remain below the State of Ohios theft crime rate from 2010-2014. Beginning in 2012 Bowling Green showed signs of a strong downward trend cutting the theft crime rate by a third. Theft crimes are reported by a combination of various types of property damage and burglaries.Bowling Grrenwidth=680


Bowling Green did have a rise in violent crimes from 2010 to 2012 but since has entered a downward trend into 2014 while remaining almost half of the State of Ohios violent crime rate.