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VT Off-Campus Housing In Blacksburg

College Pads works hard to help college students at Virginia Tech find the best VT off-campus housing options in Blacksburg, VA near campus. Whether you’re looking for houses or apartments near Virginia Tech, College Pads is dedicated to helping you find a place that suits your needs. Use our customizable Virginia Tech off-campus housing search filter to differentiate between the type of housing you like, including specific preferences, such as pet-friendly places or pre-furnished homes. If you need a Virginia Tech roommate finder or you’re looking to sublease, we can help with that too. Just utilize our roommate and sublease tabs in the navigation bar above. Whatever you choose, we’ve got your Virginia Tech off-campus housing needs covered.

Finding Blacksburg student apartments and houses has always been a chore. At College Pads, we’re fixing that. All of our off-campus housing options have been verified and approved by our diligent team of campus managers. We even follow up with you and the landlord to make sure you have found the perfect Virginia Tech apartment or house. Because there are so many options to consider before making a responsible renting decision, check out our Virginia Tech apartment hunting guide in the navigation bar above.


Virginia Tech Off-Campus Housing Guide

Renting Virginia Tech Apartments

Look... if you had one shot... one opportunity to seize any apartment near Virginia Tech you ever wanted… would you capture it? Or just let it slip? Blacksburg, VA is no 8 Mile, so there are some pretty awesome VT off-campus housing options close to the VT campus. But make sure you start searching in October, otherwise, you'll miss out on some of the best deals possible. This applies to houses in Blacksburg more than apartments, as houses are usually filled by October and November. You can still usually find apartments if you search for them in January. Either way, if you don’t start your search early, you won’t have a kitchen to come home to, and where will you eat mom's spaghetti if that happens?

Rent Prices in Blacksburg, VA

If you listened to any of your parent's many words of wisdom, you might've heard before that “more is less.” (Maybe it was the other way around, but hey, who really listens to their parents’ words of wisdom?) In terms of finding a Virginia Tech apartment, “more is less” means you’re going to get a better deal the more people you have splitting the rent. Rent averages decrease significantly if you have three friends or more living in the same space, so if money’s tight, find a few friends to room with.

How much do 1 bedroom apartments near Virginia Tech cost?

The average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in Blacksburg, VA is $1162.

How much do 2 bedroom apartments near Virginia Tech cost?

The average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in Blacksburg, VA is $750.

How much do 3 bedroom apartments near Virginia Tech cost?

The average rent for a 3 bedroom apartment in Blacksburg, VA is $663.

How much do 4 bedroom apartments near Virginia Tech cost?

The average rent for a 4 bedroom apartment in Blacksburg, VA is $646.


Check out our list of top-rated landlords near Virginia Tech to begin your search.

The Mill

As one of the best-rated properties in Blacksburg, The Mill features an excellent group of staff that responds promptly to tenant concerns. Addressing issues in a friendly and professional manner, the staff genuinely cares about their resident’s well-being.

Stonegate & Carlton Scott

As one of the most preferred apartments in the Blacksburg area, the Stonegate & Carlton Scott Apartments have a staff that redefines the standard of maintenance in property management. Tenant concerns are immediately addressed and taken care of in a timely, and professional manner.

Pointe West Commons

The Point West Commons prides itself in maintaining its units and providing excellent customer service to its tenants. Tenants who put in work orders normally have their issue handled within 24 hours of being placed.

Smith’s Landing

As a more business-oriented leasing company, Smith’s Landing addresses tenant concerns in a prompt and professional manner. Run like a solid company; they are looking for customer satisfaction. Their maintenance staff is quick to resolve issues and answer any questions a resident may have.

Hethwood Communities

With high ratings in support service, Herthwood provides first-class service to its residents. They pride themselves on quick response time. Their staff of technicians are not only knowledgeable but very personable as well.

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Life at Virginia Tech University

The first thing you should know about Virginia Tech is that it’s got some of the best dining halls in the nation. They’ve landed on lots of different lists for great food, so if you’re worried about eating like a prisoner for four years, there’s no need to fear.

Of course, there are more options than just the dining halls to choose from when you need a bite to eat. Home Place is a very popular restaurant that serves family-sized platters out of a 1907 home. Rivaling Home Place is the Mountain View Italian Kitchen. It’s a bit out of the way, but we promise the food is worth it.

For other great restaurants check out our list below:

  • Souvlaki for Gyros
  • Top of The Stairs "TOTS"
  • Hokie House
  • The Cellar
  • Cabo Fish Taco

Outdoor Life in Blacksburg, VA

The Virginia Tech outdoors are a real experience, and you’ll notice them every time you walk outside. Virginia Tech itself is nestled on a plateau between the Blue Ridge and Alleghany mountains. Although it’s a considerable drive, you can experience breathtaking views by exploring the famous Appalachian trails.

To prepare yourself for a hike on the trail, consider joining one of the many VT outdoor clubs. Virginia Tech's student organizations frequently take trips out to the trails, and the effort to join them is minimal. Venture Out is through a unit in Recreational Sports where you can find many services, including environmental education that will help you prepare for your excursion. They also have equipment rentals at very competitive rates!

Things to Do in Blacksburg, VA

Relaxing and decompressing from school doesn't have to cost anything. Resting outside in many of the outdoor areas on campus might be the step away from school you need, especially if you’ve got a hammock to string up. For free entertainment during the winter, it's very common to find an eruption of snowball fights, primarily during the first snowfall.

Dominating the spring semester is "The Big Event,” which comes from Virginia Tech's motto of Ut Prosim, which means "That I May Serve." The Big Event consists of a thousand local service projects by thousands of volunteers, ranking as the second-largest event of its kind in the nation.

Need a break from service? Try football games! If the rock band Metallica never had you jumping before, this Virginia Tech tradition will: at the beginning of every football game, the crowd erupts when players enter the field the tune of “Enter The Sandman.” Sports are pretty popular at VT, so expect teachers to end class early during big seasonal events like football games. Not a bad deal, if you ask us!