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Rent College Pads works hard to help University of Vermont students find the best off-campus housing near UVM in Burlington, VT. Whether you are looking for Burlington apartments or houses for rent, Rent College Pads is your number one resource for UVM off-campus housing. Compare options below or check posts for subleases and roommates in Burlington, VT.

Finding apartments at University of Vermont has always been a chore. At Rent College Pads we are fixing that. All of our Burlington, VT apartnets have been verified and approved by our diligent team of campus managers. We even follow up with you and the landlord to make sure you have found your perfect house. Because there are so many options to consider before making a responsible renting decision, check out our University of Vermont University apartment hunting guide below.

Don't be lazy if you're looking to live somewhere you'll enjoy in Burlington. Students often begin their UVM off-campus housing search almost immediately after the beginning of the fall semester. Many students are contacting landlords in the months of September and October, nearly a full year before they're looking to move in. The amount of students searching vs. the number of options there are close to campus can make it competitive. If you're hoping to find a place as close to campus as possible, you'll want to get started in September. If you don't mind a longer commute, it won't hurt to wait until after Winter Break, as there is a secondary surge of students contacting landlords as the year trickles into Spring.

Rent In Burlington

The average rent for UVM off-campus housing is considered by students to be pretty high, especially if you're hoping to live downtown. However, the social appeal and independence you get from living off campus can be well worth it. You should be able to find 3+ bedroom houses or apartments for under $700 per person. However, if your budget is tight, keep in mind that living with roommates or choosing a place a bit further off campus can shave a considerable amount off of your monthly rent.

Here's a breakdown of average rents per person, per bedroom

Studio 1BR 2BR 3BR 4BR
$1025.00 $1136.00 $707.00 $671.00 $668.00

Check out our list of top rated landlords near the University of Vermont to begin your search.

  • Redstone Commercial Group

As proprietors of on-campus and off-campus apartments, the Redstone team knows a thing or two about taking care of students. They’ve accumulated a 4.5 rating with over 60 Google reviews for their upperclassmen populated on-campus Redstone Lofts and have additional residences available for students who are looking to head further into downtown Burlington in the Redstone Apartments. 

  • Jackson Terrace Apartments

As the best rated off-campus housing in the area, the Jackson Terrace Apartments is run by Jack and Debbie Dubrul. Recognized for being fair, genuine, and responsive, this duo sets the bar for what makes a good landlord.

  • Golden Place Apartments

Known for providing excellent service to tenants, the Golden Place Apartments are highly rated by tenants for being a quiet and peaceful area with friendly staff who are always available to answer any questions and concerns.

  • Burlington Rental Property: Doug Boyden

Highly rated by previous tenants, Doug seems very popular for being genuine, easy to get in contact with, and prompt to address concerns. He is eager to listen to any concerns that tenants may have to upkeep his properties and keep his tenants happy.

  • Little Eagle Bay

Primarily known for its location, Little Eagle Bay is a prime spot for access to shopping locations, parks, and beaches. To make this property even more appealing, it’s also well known for having a kind and helpful staff.

  • The Woolen Mill

With 24/7 on-site maintenance, tenants at the Woolen Mill are well taken care of by a respectful staff that promptly address concerns. With the supply of this fast, friendly, and effective service, the tenants are kept happy in this business-like environment.


Sometimes you find yourself down to a jar of peanut butter and some crackers, with no cooking skills in sight. Other times you leave your exam room with your tail between your legs, craving a celebratory (?) margarita. Luckily for you there are a variety of quality places to eat and drink off campus. Many students flock to Church Street, an area of Downtown Burlington full of shops, bars and restaurants that prove to be popular with the college crowd. Below is a list of some favorite spots to indulge:

  • Ruben James
  • American Flatbread
  • Penny Cluse Cafe
  • Manhattan Pizza & Pub
  • The Other Place

Lovers of winter sports, rejoice! The University of Vermont makes ESPN's list of the 'Best colleges for skiers'. With a number of mountains and ski resorts located within miles of campus, hitting the slopes on any given weekend is a common pastime

Similarly, the UVM's Outdoors Program is a great resource for those who enjoy the outdoors. Students can go on wilderness trips, participate in ropes courses and enrich their UVM experience through adventure-based learning.

Things To Do

There isn't a shortage of things to do or places to visit in order to make the most out of your UVM experience. The university and surrounding areas offer a variety of local attractions, annual events and campus clubs that are sure to peak your interest.
Highlights include:

  • The Church Street Marketplace
  • Waterfront Park
  • The UVM Bored Team

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