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    Are you looking for UW-La Crosse off-campus housing? Find affordable La Crosse rentals close to school and everything else the city has to offer. Use our map feature to explore La Crosse apartments for rent and find the perfect pad in theCoulee Region off West Ave for your next year of studies. Filter by the number of bathrooms, unit types & multiple or one-bedroom apartments in La Crosse, WI. All listings are verified and a short distance from campus.

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  • 2201 La Crosse Street La Crosse, WI 54601 USA
    2201 La Crosse St
    • 06/01/2018

    • 1 - 4

    • 1 - 1.5

    • 545 - 1440

  • 2108 Pine Street La Crosse, WI 54601
    2108 Pine St
    • 06/01/2018

    • 5

    • 2

    • 1800

  • 1919 Miller Street La Crosse, WI 54601 USA
    Wedgewood Commons
    • Call for Availability

    • 2 - 3

    • 1 - 2

    • 950 - 999

  • 1018 Pine Street La Crosse, WI 54601 USA
    Schulte Properties, LLC
    • 06/01/2018

    • Studio - 3

    • 1

    • 445 - 735

  • 333 Buchner Pl La Crosse, WI 54603
    Grandview Plaza
    • Call for Availability

    • Studio - 3

    • 1

    • 460 - 800

  • 326 7th St South La Crosse, WI 54601
    326 South 7th Street
    • Call for Availability

    • 1

    • 1

    • 460 - 510

  • 930 Copeland Avenue La Crosse, WI 54603
    Grandview Apartments
    • Call for Availability

    • 1 - 3

    • 1

    • 510 - 1000

UW-La Crosse Off-Campus Housing Guide When to search

The search for UW La Crosse apartments is most active during the Fall semester. Most students begin to look for La Crosse rentals in the months of September and October. However, if Spring semester rolls around and you realize you're still apartment-less, don't worry-you'll most likely still be able to find a place.


Check out our list of top rated landlords near UW-La Crosse to begin your search.

  • Three Sixty

Three Sixty is one of the most well-known and reputable real estate companies in La Crosse. Three Sixty boasts some of the most popular areas around the campus and in other college hot spots of the city. Their newest gem? Aguilera.

  • Benson Management

Benson Management has been in the business for over 40 years. That type of long standing service to the community has earned them an exceptional reputation and granted them an expertise not many companies can achieve. 

  • The Hive

The Hive is La Crosse’s first fully furnished modern living amenity building just recently constructed. The multi-colored palace rests down on State street with A Hmong Golden Egg Roll and a Premier fitness in the same building so you won’t have to go far for food or to workout.

  • Three Amigos

Three Amigos is a lesser known name then the big three of La Crosse, but don’t count them out. They offer up traditional apartment style communities in various locations of the city. The smoke-free apartments can have pets if you’re willing to pay a little extra for the deposit. 

  • Biondo Rentals

Biondo Rentals, headed up by Kevin Biondo, aspire to serve the college students of La Crosse. Their properties and floor plans are varied, but they’re conveniently located in walking distance to everything that you’re going to want (Kwik Trip, Downtown, oh classes too I guess).

  • Pinetree Properties

Owner Bob and Lorene Wehrenberg are both UW-L Alumni, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about what UW-L students seek in their housing, and it shows with Pinetree. All of their rentals are within walking distance to the university, so if you don’t have a car on campus, that’s ok! 

  • WEC Rentals

WEC Rentals, located on Mormon Coulee, offers up some affordable housing options in the La Crosse area. The quaint properties vary in their size and floorplan, so they have mixed bag of what’s available so be sure to check in often to see what’s going on.

  • Roush Rentals

Roush Rentals are a local, family owned business that serves the La Crosse and La Crescent areas. The apartments are located in some of the nicer areas in town at very convenient price points. 

  • GSR Apartments

GSR is another locally owned company with a dedication to serving the college population of the city of La Crosse. Their properties are either located near the University or in charming residential neighborhoods. 

  • Parker Properties and Development

When you hear convenient and affordable, you probably don’t expect to have the quality, but Parker Properties will prove you wrong. Parker Properties puts a pretty good price point on student living and the only thing better than that alliteration is their ability to provide you with an excellent living experience. 



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