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Student Apartments Near USC Columbia

College Pads is your number one resource when it comes to searching for University of South Carolina off-campus housing. Why? Because all of our houses and apartments near the University of South Carolina are made for students! We hunt down the best places for students to live to make sure you never miss out on the best houses and apartments near USC.

It all sounds so easy, doesn’t it? It wasn’t always this way. Even though there are lots of USC Columbia off-campus housing to choose from, not all of them are of the same quality. These days, you can use College Pads to ensure you find the best University of South Carolina off-campus housing. You should know that all of our apartments have been verified by our team of campus managers, and we even follow up with you and your landlord to make sure you’ve found the best University of South Carolina apartments possible.

So what are you waiting around and reading this for? Get hunting!


University of South Carolina Off-Campus Housing Guide

When To Start Search For Columbia SC Houses & Apartments

Fortunately for you, there’s a bunch of different houses and apartments near the University of South Carolina to choose from. Prices are reasonable, and rentals are available most of the year. Houses often don’t even become available until later in the rental season. If you’re willing to wait and feel like you need to find a house rather than an apartment near USC Columbia, you’ll have to wait until April or May when house renewals typically go out. 

But be forewarned, most students at USC Columbia live in apartments.

Apartments near USC Columbia and other off-campus housing searches spike in October and stay most active until the end of February, so you’ll want to search in that window if you want to find a place before it’s taken by someone else!

Rent Prices in Columbia, SC

There’s one simple rule of thumb to follow when it comes to renting University of South Columbia off-campus housing: live with someone else! As soon as students pair up with at least one other roommate, rent prices dramatically fall by almost 50%. If you’re not cost-conscious and rent prices don’t worry you, go for the studio or 1BR apartment, but if you’re looking to save a buck, try and live with as many other students as you can. Just make sure you like them before you sign a lease together!

How much do 1 bedroom apartments near USC cost?
The average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in Columbia, SC is $925.

How much do 2 bedroom apartments near USC cost?
The average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in Columbia, SC is $705.

How much do 4 bedroom apartments near USC cost?
The average rent for a 4 bedroom apartment in Columbia, SC is $705

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Life at University of South Carolina

So what’s there to do in USC, you ask? Well, maybe you didn’t ask, but now you’re probably curious, so we’re going to tell you. There’s lots to do! Every great college adventure starts with fantastic restaurants and bars to call your own, so we’re going to throw some options your way to make sure you’ve got plenty to eat and drink while you’re earning that degree.

Best Restaurants

  • Pearlz Oyster Bar
  • Cola’s Restaurant
  • Ruth’s Chris Steak House
  • Saluda’s Restaurant
  • The Southern Belly BBQ

Best Bars

  • The British Bulldog Pub
  • Art Bar
  • Tin Roof
  • The Whig

Things To Do in University of South Carolina

Other than nights out on the town, you’ll find that USC offers lots of great things to do on campus. We’d say that the best way to do as much as possible during college is to get involved with the student organizations on campus! From USC’s campus recreation club to its vibrant sorority and fraternity culture, you’re sure to find a crowd that suits your individual style.

Want to get away from it all? Feel free to rent camping equipment (tents, lanterns, sleeping bags and more!) from Student Activities if they feel like taking a hike and leaving town for a bit. You could also check out the Riverbanks Zoo, the South Carolina State House, the Congaree National Park and many, many other local attractions. The only one limiting your adventures is you, so make the most of your time while you’re here!