Kansas Off-Campus Housing

    Kansas Off-Campus Housing

    Rent College Pads works hard to help college students at the University of Kansas find the best off-campus housing options around KU. Whether you are looking for a Lawrence apartment or house for rent near 19th Street or 15th Street, Rent College Pads is your number one resource for off-campus housing at KU.

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  • Louisiana Place

    [https://www.rentcollegepads.com/uploads/property_images/mid_thumb/2017-01/KU-Apartment-Building-167613.png] Louisiana Place Date Available: 08/01/2017 Bedroom: 1 - 2 Bathroom: 1 Price: $600 - 740
  • LeannaMar Townhomes

    [https://www.rentcollegepads.com/uploads/property_images/mid_thumb/2017-01/KU-Apartment-Building-161300.png] LeannaMar Townhomes Date Available: 02/01/2017 Bedroom: 4 Bathroom: 3 Price: $1200
  • StoneHawk Duplexes

    [https://www.rentcollegepads.com/uploads/property_images/mid_thumb/2017-02/KU-Apartment-Building-190980.png] StoneHawk Duplexes Date Available: 08/01/2017 Bedroom: 1 - 2 Bathroom: 1 - 2 Price: $900 - 1200
  • 1130 W 11th St

    [https://www.rentcollegepads.com/uploads/property_images/mid_thumb/2017-03/KU-Apartment-Building-198298.jpg] 1130 W 11th St Date Available: 08/01/2017 Bedroom: 2 Bathroom: 1 Price: $725
  • Williams Pointe

    [https://www.rentcollegepads.com/uploads/property_images/mid_thumb/2017-01/KU-Apartment-Building-161270.png] Williams Pointe Date Available: 08/01/2017 Bedroom: 3 Bathroom: 2.5 Price: $1080
  • Red Oak

    [https://www.rentcollegepads.com/uploads/property_images/mid_thumb/2017-01/KU-Apartment-Building-167619.png] Red Oak Date Available: 08/01/2017 Bedroom: Studio - 2 Bathroom: 1 Price: $440 - 660
  • Parkway Terrace

    [https://www.rentcollegepads.com/uploads/property_images/mid_thumb/2017-01/KU-Apartment-Building-167616.png] Parkway Terrace Date Available: 08/01/2017 Bedroom: Studio - 2 Bathroom: 1 Price: $420 - 650
  • Avalon Apartments

    [https://www.rentcollegepads.com/uploads/property_images/mid_thumb/2017-01/KU-Apartment-Building-167611.png] Avalon Apartments Date Available: 08/01/2017 Bedroom: 1 - 2 Bathroom: 1 Price: $580 - 770
  • Meadowbrook Apartments

    [https://www.rentcollegepads.com/uploads/property_images/mid_thumb/2017-01/KU-Apartment-Building-162069.jpg] Meadowbrook Apartments Date Available: Call for availability Bedroom: Studio - 4 Bathroom: 1 - 3 Price: $0

Kansas Off-Campus Housing Guide When to search

The apartment search usually is most active in January when students return from Winter Break, through March.

Searching for an apartment in Lawrence can be difficult, but it's generally more affordable than many universities across the country. If you're willing to live with roommates, your rent and other living expenses will drop considerably. There are many houses around the University of Kansas campus that four friends can occupy for less than $1300 per month.

Rent typically ranges between $250 (best case scenario) and $1000 per month.

Life in Lawrence, KS Where to Have Fun

Massachusetts Street also referred to as Mass Street has it all. The Heart of Lawrence has several blocks of Music, art, dining and shopping. Mass Street is one of the best small town downtowns, with something for everyone!


Lawrence has become one of the most popular places for tourism in Kansas. We made you a list for the best attractions.

  • Spencer Museum of Art
  • Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum
  • Clinton State Park
  • Prairie Park Nature Center
  • Indoor Aquatic Center
  • Wakarusa River Valley Heritage Museum


There are so many places to choose from in Lawrence so we have put together a list of the best Restaurants near the University of Kansas campus to save you time and help narrow down all the possibilities.


The outdoor opportunities are truly endless. The city has parks that have amazing features that can be enjoyed all year long. Lawrence is a beautiful place hiking, horses, climbing, and Lawrence River Trail.


Downtown Lawrence is full of great places to shop and Friendly Midwestern service. Massachusetts Street is an excellent choice with over 180 places to choose from, you are bound to find something for everybody!