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Housing Subleases Near University of Arizona

College student housing near university-of-arizona

Save money and meet roommates. Find the perfect sublease here!

Note: Watch out for scams! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do not send or accept payment from anyone without vetting them first.

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    Sublease at Casa Club Condominiums

    I am subleasing my one bedroom apartment at Casa Club Condominiums. The apartment is on the third floor and has a balcony. The complex has two pools! It is located near many restaurants and shops. It is an 8-minute drive to UofA.

    Property Type: Apartment Buiding

    Apartment Name: Casa Club Condominiums

    Rent: $600

    1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

    Monica Acevedo

    Street Address: 1810 E Blacklidge Drive


    Posted on : 2019-04-20

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    Room at The Mark for Sublease

    I am currently looking for someone to sublease my room at The Mark! It is in a 4-bed x 4-bath. it's within walking distance to campus! it comes with a parking space in their garage and gives you access to the community gym and pool. the apartment is brand new and comes fully furnished too. the rent is from August 10th through July 25th and is $899 per month. I really am in need of someone subleasing this since i am transferring schools!

    Property Type: Apartment Buiding

    Apartment Name: The Mark Tucson

    Rent: $899

    4 Bedroom | 4 Bathroom

    Marlo Williams

    Street Address: 55 N Park Ave


    Posted on : 2019-04-11

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    Sublease ASAP

    hey there I live at the retreat! its a really nice place with 2 roommates that are amazing. The location is only 2 miles from campus. It has a shuttle service that runs to and from campus every half hour. I am looking for someone to take over my lease that is fully furnished. The rent is $700 right now and the lease ends 7/22 but the price is said to go down if you renew your lease (and even lass if you dont want furniture).

    Property Type: Apartment Buiding

    Apartment Name: The Retreat

    Rent: $0

    4 Bedroom | 4 Bathroom

    Brittani Gutierrez

    Street Address: 1000 E. 22ns St.


    Posted on : 2019-04-02

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