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    UC Berkeley Off-Campus Housing

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  • Varsity Berkeley

    [] Varsity Berkeley Date Available: Call for availability Bedroom: Studio Bathroom: 1 Price: $0
  • 2132 Roosevelt Ave

    [] 2132 Roosevelt Ave Date Available: Call for availability Bedroom: 3 Bathroom: 1 Price: $3195
  • 2537 Regent St

    [] 2537 Regent St Date Available: Call for availability Bedroom: 2 Bathroom: 2 Price: $2775
  • 2310 Piedmont Ave

    [] 2310 Piedmont Ave Date Available: Call for availability Bedroom: 1 Bathroom: 1 Price: $2195
  • 2508 Ridge Rd

    [] 2508 Ridge Rd Date Available: Call for availability Bedroom: 1 Bathroom: 1 Price: $2150
  • 2526 Durant Ave

    [] 2526 Durant Ave Date Available: Call for availability Bedroom: 1 - 2 Bathroom: 1 - 2 Price: $0 - 2950
  • 2725 Haste St

    [] 2725 Haste St Date Available: Call for availability Bedroom: 1 Bathroom: 1 Price: $2095

University of California, Berkeley Off-Campus Housing Guide When to search

UC Berkeley students looking to live off-campus in the fall should begin their search after they return from winter break and do their best to lock down a lease before April, when the housing market in town reaches its peak. Those looking for studios or one bedroom apartments have a little bit longer to figure things out. However, if you’re looking for a townhouse or regular house, you should definitely look into your options as early as possible, as these places are few and far between and lease up quickly.


Rent in Berkeley, CA

Rent for UC Berkeley students can get extremely pricy, to say the least. The good news here is that plenty of apartments around the area are fully furnished or offer deals on utilities, cable, and internet, so you can find ways to save money if you can snag a place that offers these kind of amenities. Those looking to live in studios or one-bedroom apartments can expect to pay $300-$700 more on average than those living in homes with multiple bedrooms, so if you’re looking for additional ways to save cash, gather up some roommates and start looking for a place together.

Below is an average cost breakdown per bedroom.


Studio 1BR 2BR 3BR 4BR
$1,780.00 $2,245.00 $1,556.00 $1,325.00


Life in Berkeley, CA Where to Have Fun

UC Berkeley students are pretty devoted to their studies, but when they have downtime, they really enjoy getting involved in activities around campus, as well as exploring all of the awesome places that are nearby. Greek life is a huge part of going to school at UCB, so many students get involved in fraternities or sororities. Theater and music is also big on campus, and a favorite activity is going to performances and concerts at the Greek Theatre. San Francisco and Oakland are both less than half an hour from campus, both offering tons of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, so students like to venture to either city when they have an afternoon to kill. Staying active is important to many UCB students, so hiking and sailing are popular activities as well. Check out some favorite activities below!


1.    Catch a concert at the Greek Theatre

2.    Go sailing on the bay

3.    Check out some of San Francisco’s history

4.    Participate in an event hosted by the Greek community




Awesome dining options are easy to find all around UC Berkeley’s campus; this urban center plays host to everything from Middle Eastern to Asian-fusion to diner-style American food, so no matter what you’re craving, you’ll be able to find it somewhere nearby. The bar scene is also super cool in Berkeley, mostly because the bars are usually themed, which is really fun. They offer great drink (and often food) specials for students and often have an outdoor area to sit out and drink with friends, which is great because the weather is so gorgeous at night. You absolutely have to check out some of these student picks below!


1.    Cheeseboard Pizza

2.    Vik’s Chaat Corner

3.    Sliver

4.    Top Dog Berkeley South

5.    Bette’s Oceanview Diner




1.    Kip’s Bar

2.    Pappy’s Grill and Sports Bar

3.    Henry’s

4.    The Albatross Pub

5.    Jupiter



Berkeley students like to be outdoors- and understandably so, because there’s great weather and so much to do in the area. If you’re hoping to get outside and see some beautiful views of the Bay Area, check out the hiking trails to get up to Indian Rock. Students also head to the nearby Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve or the Hans Jenny Pygmy Forest Reserve for quiet walking trails.