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Personal Details:

Gender: Man

Academic Classification: Fifth+ year

Tell us about yourself: Im looking for someone that can move into the spare bedroom in my apartment. Rent is $300/month and total bills barely push it past $400. Move in date would be late December or early January. Please let me know if you're interested!


How clean do keep your living space? I am very clean and tidy

When do you prefer to study? Evening

Do you prefer to wake up early in the morning or stay up late at night? Depends on my schedule

How many nights per week do you participate in social activities? 0-2

Do you drink alcohol? Average

Do you smoke? Array

Do you prefer living with Males, Females, or No Preference? No preference

Pets? Array

Guests? I like to have people over for small gatherings

How would you describe yourself? I can be a mix of both out-going and quiet


Monthly Rent Budget: $

Move in: 12/30/2019

Move out: 12/31/2019

Posted on: 10/31/2019