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    Rent College Pads helps college students find OSU off-campus housing options in Columbus, Ohio. Whether you are looking for Ohio State rental apartments or houses for rent on University District's High Street and the Short North area. Our resource makes the search process easier for commuters to find roommates, sublets, and Ohio State off-campus housing. View and filter all of the available property listings below.

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  • 442 East Northwood Avenue Columbus, OH 43201 USA
    Iuka Park Commons
    • 08/14/2017

    • 2

    • 1

    • 790 - 850

  • 4765 Blairfield Dr Columbus, OH 43214 USA
    Olentangy Commons
    • 01/03/2017

    • 1 - 3

    • 1 - 2.5

    • 0

  • 1494 North High Street Columbus, OH 43201 USA
    The Highline at Nine
    • 08/18/2017

    • 1 - 4

    • 1 - 4

    • 850 - 1300

  • 1234 Steelwood Rd Columbus, OH 43212
    The GRIFF
    • 02/08/2017

    • 1 - 4

    • 1 - 4

    • 700 - 1195

  • 72 East Patterson Avenue Columbus, OH 43202 USA
    70-72 E Patterson
    • 08/01/2017

    • 4

    • 1

    • 1600

  • 293 East 15th Avenue Columbus, OH 43201 USA
    293 E 15th Ave
    • 08/01/2017

    • 3

    • 1

    • 1050

  • 151 West 8th Avenue Columbus, OH 43201
    151 W. 8th Avenue
    • Call for availability

    • 1 - 5

    • 2

    • 450 - 2250

  • 2835 Indianola Ave  Columbus, OH 43202
    2835 Indianola Ave
    • 06/14/2017

    • 3

    • 1

    • 1275

  • 53 W Maynard Ave  Columbus, OH 43202
    53 W Maynard Ave
    • 07/01/2017

    • 3 - 4

    • 1

    • 1400

  • 1463 Neil Ave  Columbus, OH 43201
    1463 Neil Ave
    • 06/14/2017

    • 1

    • 1

    • 595

  • 403 E 14th Ave  Columbus, OH 43201
    403 E 14th Ave
    • 06/14/2017

    • 5

    • 2

    • 1650

Ohio State Off-Campus Guide When to search

For any commuter students choosing to live right around The Ohio State University, the search process begins a year ahead. August is the primary move in date for the majority of rental companies in the Columbus area and after moving in many students immediately begin searching for their next August move. We've tracked a peak in searches during September and October with ambitious students signing a lease in November for the next fall. We know some students search early to find a great landlord so we found the 5 Top Rated College Landlords Near Ohio State University to narrow your search. Most other students sign leases during December through February. If you're late in your search process, no worries, a few miles away from campus you will find apartments with a mix of students and conventional families. Further from campus rent may be more affordable but also due to distance most people don't sign leases until late March through early July. We also have covered in more detail on our blog on When You Should Look For Ohio State Off-Campus Housing.

Rent In Columbus

It's possible rent prices will be impacted by OSU's new sophomore living requirement. Landlords may need to lower prices if fewer students are looking for housing and the market becomes more competitive. But that change may take a few years to surface. Regardless, there will always be plenty of affordable housing options depending on how far away from campus you're willing to live. Around campus, you'll find a good mixture of apartments and houses with four bedrooms. If you're just looking to save money, the three bedroom places have been the cheapest per person over the last few years, but generally speaking, the more roommates you have, the cheaper your college housing experience will be. If you like your own space, it comes at a premium price starting around 600 dollars.

Here's a breakdown of average rents per person, per bedroom:

Studio 1BR 2BR 3BR 4BR
$605.00 $710.00 $450.00 $425.00 $460.00

Life in Columbus, OH Where to Have Fun

Things To Do

As a Buckeye, it's essential that you attend ALL THE SPORTS MATCHES, especially football games. But sometimes you need to get away from your schoolwork grind when it isn't football season and what's better than relaxing on the main oval lawn? The downtown district and brewery district have many great places to spend the afternoon away from campus. And again, make sure you're cheering from Block O at an Ohio State football game every fall. If you’re still around after the school year you need to cross off the 7 Things For OSU Students to Do This Summer In Columbus.


A good time in Columbus starts with a meal at Cane's Chicken. If you're in need for a drink after Cane's try some of the student favorite bars:

  • Too's
  • O Patio
  • Lodge Bar

Many students say Larry's has the cheapest drinks, but we'll let your bank account be the judge. After your late night and everything is closed, Buckeye Donuts and Insomnia Cookies can fill your sugar cravings until three A.M. High Street is The Best Street for Partying if you’re looking to begin or end your night with a good drink.


Stepping outdoors is always a breath of fresh air, but some activities cost money, planning, equipment, and technical skills. Fortunately, the outdoor adventure center located in the adventure recreation center provided by OSU has you covered. Inside they have an expansive climbing center where you can practice for your Everest climb. Guided trips and clinics are provided through this center as well requiring you just to show up. If you're a true adventurer, they do have equipment rentals leaving no need for any large initial investment. Taking a class in KNSFHP 1139.11: Rock Climbing or KNSFHP 1139.14: Introductory Program of Outdoor Pursuits from our 10 Classes at Ohio State That You Won’t Want To Miss Out On list is another way to satisfy your wild side while earning credits.