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    University of Minnesota Duluth Off-Campus Housing

    In the past, finding Duluth rentals near UMD was a lot harder. The apartments Duluth, MN had to offer were scattered all over town and poorly labeled (remember landlord phone number signs?), so you’d spend all day making a short list of suitable places just to be beat out by someone else. That’s because there wasn’t a site like Rent College Pads that helped you find the best University of Minnesota Duluth off-campus housing possible. Thankfully, we don’t live in a world like that anymore, so enjoy comparing available rentals and contact your future landlord today as you search for University of Minnesota Duluth housing.

    What makes our site so special? We’re made just for college students! To help solve problems UMD students face when looking for Duluth apartments, we’ve created tabs in the navigation bar above to locate roommates and subleases, and we’ve also got a University of Minnesota Duluth off-campus housing and a life guide available to learn more about the school you’ll be attending.

    In addition, all of our Duluth apartments and houses have landlords that have been pre-vetted by our diligent team of campus managers, so you won’t have to worry about ending up with a bad deal when you’re searching for Duluth rentals near UMD. With our help, we’re confident you’ll find the best possible UMD Duluth housing possible.

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