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Houses and Apartments Near GSU

Are you looking for Georgia Southern off-campus housing? Find affordable properties close to school and everything else Statesboro, GA has to offer. Use our map feature to explore apartments near GSU and find the perfect home for your next year of studies. Filter by the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, unit type & more. Rent College Pads works directly with landlords in Statesboro to make the process of finding your perfect home much easier.

Finding apartments near GSU has always been difficult. At Rent College Pads all of our apartment and home rental options have been verified and approved by our diligent team of campus managers. We even follow up with you and the landlord to make sure you have found your perfect home. Because there are so many options to consider before making a responsible renting decision, check out our GSU off-campus housing search guide in the tab above!


Renting GSU Off-Campus Housing

If you want to find a house or an apartment near GSU campus in the trendy neighborhoods, you’ll want to kick off your hunt as soon as winter break is over. A majority of students start searching for Georgia Southern off-campus housing in January, so if you wait you might be in for a long walk or bike ride to campus.

Rent Prices in Statesboro, GA 

Rent prices for GSU off-campus housing in Statesboro is actually pretty affordable. Even more so if you decide to live with a roommate or two. By having roommates, you’ll be saving a couple hundred each month. These larger homes tend to go first though, so make sure you start your hunt early.

If you’re looking to live in a one bedroom or studio apartment in Statesboro, your rent won’t be crazy, but it will be a tad higher. On the bright side, you might be able to be a little more relaxed during your hunt since these smaller units fill up slower.

Here’s a breakdown of rent averages near Georgia Southern University:











Life at Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern is a large co-educational, research-oriented public university located in Statesboro, GA. The school is home to over 17,000 undergrads and around 4,000 graduate students. While there is serious work being done, the students of GSU are never above having a little fun. Read on to learn how GSU students unwind and enjoy the off-campus lifestyle.

Food & Drink

Students have access to some awesome seafood restaurants, as well as excellent American and Mexican food. The nightlife in Statesboro is completely centered around the college, which means the bars in town offer great drink specials and promotions to get students in the door on any given night. Whether you’re dining or drinking, you won’t want to miss any of the top-rated spots listed below!

Best Restaurants:

  • The Boiling Shrimp
  • Gnat’s Landing
  • El Rinconcito
  • Millhouse Steakhouse
  • McAlister’s

Best Bars:

  • The Rusty Tavern
  • Dingus Macgees
  • Shenanigan’s
  • South City Tavern
  • Moonshiner’s Statesboro