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Housing Subleases Near Florida State University College student housing near fsu

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Note: Watch out for scams! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do not send or accept payment from anyone without vetting them first.

  • Student housing near fsu

    Summer Sublease

    Large master bedroom with a connecting bedroom. The apartment has a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances. There is a balcony ~with a nice view, and washer/dryer on sight. It is fully furnished (for a girl’s room). There is a gym, hot tub, pool, sauna, plenty of study areas, movie theatre, game room, and the best part is that its only a block from campus! Its about the best place you can be in the summer! Message me with any questions, I would be happy to give you a tour of my place!

    Property Type: Apartment Buiding

    Apartment Name:

    Rent: $450

    1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

    Amanda Panchery

    Street Address: 444 W College Ave


    Posted on : 2019-02-11

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  • fsu off campus lofts


    It is a 3bedroom and 3.5bathroom townhouse. I am looking for someone to sub-lease my room to, because I will be studying aboard during my lease. My lease comes unfurnished; however, I will be putting my furnisher in my room before going aboard. I am looking for someone who is a responsible person, one that will not damage the room or my furnishers. I will bring a Full-size bed, study table, dresser, and nightstand.

    Property Type: Room

    Apartment Name: The Persevere at San Luis

    Rent: $509

    studio Bedroom | 3 Bathroom

    Melannie Rosa

    Street Address: 1560 San Luis Road Tallahassee FL


    Posted on : 2019-01-28

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  • College sublease, college student housing near fsu , fsu off campus lofts

    sublease for NXNW apartments

    I am looking to get out of my lease to move back home, not because of the apartments. The apartment complex is very nice and the rooms come furnished and would recommend to anyone in the area looking for a place. The complex is right across the street from FSU and is at a great location.

    Property Type: Apartment Buiding

    Apartment Name: NXNW

    Rent: $675

    2 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom

    Jacob Franklin

    Street Address: 800 Basin St. Tallahassee, FL


    Posted on : 2018-12-18

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  • college sublease

    Sublease needed at republic of tallahassee

    I am looking for someone to take my lease at the republic of Tallahassee. It’s a 3 bedroom with an empty room that no one will be placed in so it’s basically a 2x2 with an extra room for 734$ a month! The living space is great and rooms are huge and also the closet. You can move in as early as u like til July 31st 2019. Please let me know if u have any questions

    Property Type: Room

    Apartment Name: Republic of Tallahassee

    Rent: $734

    3 Bedroom | 3 Bathroom

    Nicole Ibanez

    Street Address: 2636 Mission Road Tallahassee Florida 32304


    Posted on : 2018-12-18

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