Cornell University Off-Campus Housing Guide When to search

Apartment leasing season at Cornell University is a crazy time. Students get started searching for their next apartments almost as soon as they move into their current ones, especially if the want to live anywhere in Collegetown on Dryden or College Ave. September is a very busy time for signing leases for the following July and August.

Rent In Ithaca

Living around Cornell isn't cheap either, it made our list of 20 College Towns Where Rent Has Blown Up. Finding a couple of roommates to live with can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month. Even places considered cheap will cost you over $500 per month.

Here's a breakdown of average rents per person, per bedroom:

Studio 1BR 2BR 3BR 4BR 5+BR
$941.00 $1,294.60 $798.00 $733.60 $722.60 $807.50

Life in Ithaca, NY Where to Have Fun

Ithaca is something of an isolated town, dominated by the Cornell campus and nearby Ithaca College. Most social activity takes place in Collegetown or the Commons. Collegetown is about a 10-minute walk southwest of campus and the Ithaca Commons are a two-block strip in downtown Ithaca with shops, restaurants and bars.

Things To Do

Cornell is a university at which you can take full advantage of the college experience. If you're into the Greek life, there are plenty of sororities or fraternities you can pledge. But there are plenty of other college staples which you can take part in. Go to football games - it may not be the grand experience like it is at Alabama or Michigan, but it's still worthwhile. And if football isn't your thing, then definitely get to a hockey game. Cornell hockey is something else.

But aside from the basics, here are a few more things to check out:

  • Enjoy Collegetown. Hit the bars. Eat some food. Live a little.
  • Dragon Day. How often do you get to see a Dragon move across campus?
  • Slope Day . There's no better way to celebrate the last day of classes.


Students had to pour out a little liquor in April of 2015 when The Chapter House, a popular Collegetown bar, erupted in flames and closed for good. But good options remain both in Collegetown and the Commons. The bar scene has taken a bit of a hit recently. When the search for your best bars on Google results in a map that features this many closed places, that's kind of a bummer:


Into skiing? Then you'll love it at Cornell. While your friends complain about the snow and cold weather, you can get busy with some cross-country skiing at Connecticut Hill or Dryden Lake. And when it warms up, the famous Cornell Plantations offer over 4,000 acres of explorable nature.