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Rent College Pads works hard to help college students at CMU find the best off-campus housing options in Pittsburgh near campus. Whether you are looking for an apartment or house for rent, Rent College Pads is your number one resource for Carnegie Mellon Off-Campus Housing.

Finding apartments at Carnegie Mellon University has always been a chore. At Rent College Pads we're fixing that. All of our off-campus housing options have been verified and approved by our diligent team of campus managers. We even follow up with you and the landlord to make sure you've found your perfect house. Because there are so many options to consider before making a responsible renting decision, check out our Carnegie Mellon University University apartment hunting guide below.

And so it begins…the task of all tasks, finding a new place to live next year. For some, this can be a tedious cycle of touring homes that have absolutely no redeeming qualities before settling on the least bad house, but for you, friend, this process will be as smooth as sliding butter on a warm piece of toast.

Don’t start thinking about your next meal already now, we need to focus! With the new leasing season beginning again soon, it’s important to buckle down and start your search as early as possible to avoid getting mixed in with everyone else who also waited on finding something. This means that there’s a mass of procrastinators trying to pick up a place at the last second with just a handful of decent properties left close to campus.

Take it from us, you definitely don’t want that. The absolute last thing you want is to settle on a house that has not been updated or cleaned in the last century.

So, let’s make that someone else’s problem to deal with and find a house early! Based on the total number of searches per year for off-campus housing in Pittsburgh close to the Carnegie Mellon University, the ideal time to begin your search is in December. December is the last month before the search for housing peaks at its highest number of searches in January and February, making it the perfect time to pick your spot before everyone else.


Rent in Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re a college student, chances are you’re broke. You’re always looking to get a good deal on EVERYTHING. From five dollar pizza Tuesdays at Papa Johns (Yes, this actually exists and is one of the best things to have ever graced this fine earth) to unplugging the microwave before you go to bed to save some pocket change on utilities. We get it, we’ve been there. So, we’ve compiled the averages per bedroom in Pittsburg to help you figure out what might be the best option for you.

Based on the results we’ve pulled together, the cheapest option would be to share a house or apartment with 3 other individuals. Otherwise, a close second would be to share a house with 2 other people. Having roommates may not be the most the most glamorous option, but saving that 300 a month is well worth it. You could save around 3,600 dollars just by sharing a house. The best part? You can use that money for more pizza. 720 more pizzas. That’s pizza Tuesdays for the next 13.8 years.


Studio 1BR 2BR 3BR 4BR
$805  $858  $548   $504  $477

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Coming Soon!

Best Restaurants

Whether you’ve been living in Pittsburgh for a while now or are about to make the move, Pittsburgh has a generous amount of amazing options for local restaurants and bars. Here’s a few that we’ve picked out that you might want to give a chance! I’d also like to note that while reviewing the different restaurants in Pittsburgh, we noticed that the majority of restaurants offered are Italian. So, if you’re a fan of Italian food and are thinking of applying/transferring to Carnegie Mellon, you’re in luck! There’s no shortage of them in this city!

1.     Seviche - Cuban

2.     Sienna Mercato – Italian

3.     Meat & Potatoes – American

4.     Morcilla – Spanish

5.     Legends of the North Shore – Italian


Best Bars

1.     Bar Marco

2.     Emiliano’s Mexican Restaurant & Bar

3.     Piper’s Pub

4.     Butcher and The Rye

5.     Hough’s

If you love being outdoors and are looking something to do this weekend, look no further! We have just the thing for you! Here are our top recommendations:

1.     Frick Park

2.     Sandcastle Waterpark

3.     Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

4.     Duquesne Incline - Mount Washington

5.     Hartwood Acres Park

For alternative outdoors activities, here are a few different websites that help to showcase all the Pittsburgh has to offer! Not only do these websites include outdoors activities, but it also includes all popular sites for tourists and locals, such as museums, town events/festivals, and a few activities maybe some of the Pittsburgh natives haven’t even heard of - hidden treasures!

Are you bored? Finished the final episode on your favorite Netflix series? Well, worry not, we’ve got a few ideas for you. If you’re looking for something to appease all of your friend’s different interests, you can try the strip district. There are many different options for activities within the district, but our personal recommendation is the food tour you can take at ‘Burgh bits and bites. If having delicious food doesn’t peak your interest, there’s always the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. In addition, here are a few alternative options you might want to look into:

1.     Tour the Cathedral of Learning – This building is a gothic masterpiece containing rooms inspired by a variety of different countries.

2.     Visit the West End Overlook – One of the best look out points of Pittsburgh. We recommend seeing this at night to best showcase the city lights!

3.     Ride the Monongahela Incline – A steep, century old vertical railway.

4.     Bike up Canton Avenue – If you’re looking for a challenge, try biking up the steepest street in the United States.

5.     Visit the Andy Warhol Museum – An amazing museum that showcases Andy Warhol’s work, in addition to the work he inspired other artists to create.

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