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  • 533 Conneaut Avenue Bowling Green, OH 43402
    533 Conneaut Ave
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    • 880

  • 630 North Summit St Bowling Green, OH 43402
    630 N Summit St
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    • 299.5

  • 211 East Reed Avenue Bowling Green, OH 43402 USA
    211 E Reed Ave
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    • 1 - 3

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    • 375 - 490

  • 315 East Merry Avenue Bowling Green, OH 43402 USA
    315 E Merry Ave
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    • 4

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    • 310

  • 1451 Clough Street Bowling Green, OH 43402 USA
    University Courts
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  • 1502 Clough Street Bowling Green, OH 43402 USA
    University Village
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  • 316 East Merry Avenue Bowling Green, OH 43402 USA
    316 E Merry Ave
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    • 1 - 2

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    • 299.5 - 550

Rent College Pads works hard to help college students at Bowling Green State University find the best off-campus housing options in Bowling Green near campus. Whether you are looking for Bowling Green apartments or houses for rent, Rent College Pads is your number one resource for BGSU off-campus housing.

Finding apartments at Bowling Green State University has always been a chore. At Rent College Pads we're fixing that. All of our off-campus housing options have been verified and approved by our diligent team of campus managers. We even follow up with you and the landlord to make sure you've found your perfect house. Because there are so many options to consider before making a responsible renting decision, check out our Bowling Green State University University apartment hunting guide below.

When searching for a Bowling Green apartment or house for rent, students start looking as early as October and the search slows down around March. Students usually sign a lease in the spring but it is a really good idea to start looking as early as you can if you want to get an amazing place. Good Luck!

Rent In Bowling Green

Renting a Bowling Green apartment is extremely inexpensive! These are perfect prices for college students who are strapped for cash. As always your rent is going to go down the more people that you live with; but fortunately in Bowling Green there isn't too much of a difference in price. So if you weren't feeling living with a ton of people or you wanted to try out living alone its very manageable off campus at Bowling Green. Below is a price breakdown per room and per person.


Studio 1BR 2BR 3BR 4BR
$340 $360 $375 $295 $262

Check out our list of top rated landlords near Bowling Green State University to begin your search.

  • Falcons Pointe Apartments

Falcons Pointe Apartments boasts about resort style student living, and after reading through the list of offered amenities and services you’d have to agree.

  • John Newlove Real Estate Inc.

John Newlove Real Estate is a company that’s been servicing the area for 40 years. They don’t just deal with student housing, as they offer many types of homes and living arrangements, but they do take pride in the college aspect.

  • Green Meadow Apartments

Green Meadow Apartments pride themselves on offering simple pet-friendly living spaces in walking distance to many of the things a college student will need, all within one mile of the BGSU campus.

  • Sycamore Square Apartments

The Sycamore Square Apartments are a 50-unit apartment complex featuring one-bedroom living arrangements that are located within walking distance to BGSU and for the adventurous students, downtown Bowling Green.

  • The Edge

The Edge tells you to live life like you mean it. Billing themselves as having the best value in student housing, the Edge was built specifically with BGSU students in mind.


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

In many small towns across the U.S. there isn't much of a selection when it comes to dining out and bar options. Luckily for BGSU students there are lots of options for restaurants and bars. If you wanted to hit up some bars downtown, there is a bus service that will take you to and from the bar scene. Bowling Green seems to have a bar or restaurant for you are into. Whether you want to have a casual night with friends or you are looking to dance the night away Bowling Green has got some options for you. Listed below are some top picks of different restaurants and bars. Enjoy!

  • Call of the Canyon Cafe
  • Frickers
  • Sam B's
  • Uraku Sushi
  • Grumpy Dave's Pub
  • Campus Quarters
  • Liquid Bar
  • Bowling Green Beer Works

If you are looking to take a stroll and see some beautiful flowers at the same time head on over to Wintergarden Park. They have a paved walk way lined with gorgeous flowers. Check it out! Also if you want some more outdoor action hit up Wood County Park District. They've got you cover for all of your canoeing, fishing, geocaching, and hiking needs. Check this out too if you can!

Things to Do

Bowling Green, being a small town, seems like there aren't a lot of options, fortunately there is are things going on most of the time here! There is always some sort of event going on, on the BGSU campus that many students participate in. If you are looking to get off campus the main street downtown for loads of restaurants, bars, and places to shop.

There is also a really cool event that happens in September called the Black Swamp Arts Festival. If you have a chance to go you really should it's a very cool festival. Here is a link you can check out is you're interested in going.

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