Fort Collins Apartments


A Guide to Fort Collins Neighborhoods

Becoming familiar with the different neighborhoods in Fort Collins will help to determine which neighborhood will be the best fit for you, along with knowing how far your commute to the Colorado State University campus will be.

To help make your search off-campus housing in Fort Collins easier, we have put together a list of neighborhoods that surround Colorado State University. Each of these neighborhoods is within walking distance to campus, or just a short bike, car, or bus ride away. The city of Fort Collins is broken up into different six different districts called Central, North, Southeast, Southwest, East, and West. Each of these districts has their own unique neighborhoods within them. To narrow it down, here are is an overview of Central Fort Collins, home to Colorado State University.


Central Fort Collins

If you looked on a map, Central Fort Collins would be smack dab in the middle of the city (makes sense being titled central). Cental is the heart of Old Town, the area surrounding Fort Collins’ downtown, and all that surrounds Colorado State University. From older bungalows, smaller rental units, and larger apartment complexes this area has a great mix of different types of home, while also bringing a variety of different lifestyles and environments.

There are several major shopping centers throughout this area like The Square and the Foothills Fashion Mall. You’ll also be in walking distance to restaurants, banks, and virtually anything you need. Fort Collins is a big biking city. So much, in fact, it has been said that everyone there owns at least one bike (I know, pushing it a little bit, but you get the idea). Since CSU is one of the most bicycle-friendly campuses, there are numerous biking trails that can lead you all around the city. If you come car-less, try and look for a place near the bus routes because those Colorado winters are brutal!  



Old Town/Downtown

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, Main Street USA was actually modeled after Old Town Fort Collins. The streets are lined with cozy cafes, boutiques, candy stores, and antique shops. Being a college town, the nightlife scene is buzzing with live entertainment, art galleries, and more than 84 bars and restaurants to choose from. There are more than 10 microbrewers, making Fort Collins the city with the most breweries per capita in the state. If you’re into beer (which is practically a requirement to live here) make sure you hit up Colorado Brewers’ Festival, this event takes place every June for two days.

To note, Old Town isn’t technically a specific neighborhood but is more of a general term used to describe downtown and the surrounding area. Old Town and Downtown have a lot of loft-style apartments, condos, and townhomes to choose from. The closer you get to CSU the older the homes are, and its much more of an urban tone. Houses are generally your traditional one and two-story places with a tree covered yards. With tons of public transportation getting around is a breeze. From Old Town alone you have access to the Mason Trail, Poudre Trail, and Spring Creek Trail for biking.


University Acres/South College Heights

Just east of the Colorado State University campus is the University Acres neighborhood. Historically, this land was once owned by CSU for agricultural research and later sold for real estate development in the 1950s.Today, the land is covered with houses and lush landscape. Living in University Acres you get the convenience of living in Old Town but at a lower price. Both Downtown and the CSU campus are minutes away on a bike making this a great choice for off-campus living. Nearby, you’ll have easy access to the 65-acre Edora Park where you can utilize the baseball fields, basketball court, skate park, tennis courts, and the Edora Pool Ice Center (EPIC). Here, you can also take the Spring Creek Trail throughout different areas of Fort Collins.


West Central

West Central is where Colorado State University is located, and is, as you might have guessed, west of the campus. The area as a whole is comprised of several different smaller neighborhoods and subdivisions like Fairview, Village West, Avery Park, just to name a few. To try and make this less complicated, these smaller neighborhoods make up West Central, and West Central is a part of Central Fort Collins (okay, so maybe it’s a little complicated). Since CSU is right here, this area has a gained wide variety of housing as the years went by. Here, there are tons of ranch-style houses, bi-level, and tri-level complexes, mixed in with luxury student housing apartments. Shopping and errands are made easy at Drake Crossing, Cedarwood, and Raintree Village. Students are also really close to all the main shops on College Avenue.


To recap, here are some helpful tips/reminders:

  • All housing in each neighborhood surrounding the Colorado State University campus is a short walk or bike ride away

  • Most students living off-campus in Fort Collins live in Central Fort Collins near CSU

  • Housing in different areas, besides Central, may require car or bus transportation

  • Make sure your new place is easily accessible to shopping and grocery stores for running errands

  • Use Google Maps to determine the distance of a property you are considering to the Colorado State campus

Fort Collins Crime Statistics:

The City of Fort Collins has experienced a consistent downward trend in theft crimes to be lower than the State of Colorados rate in 2013. The theft crime rate is reported by a combination of various types of property damage and burglaries.


The violent crime rate has remained constant fro 2010 to 2014 for the State of Colorado. The violent crime rate in Fort Collins during that time period has continued in a steady downward trend.