Apartments in Fayetteville AR


A Guide to Fayetteville Neighborhoods

Becoming familiar with the different neighborhoods where there are Fayetteville apartments will help to determine which neighborhood will be the best fit for you, along with knowing how far your commute to the University of Arkansas campus will be. To help make your search off-campus housing in Fayetteville easier, we have put together a list of neighborhoods that surround the University of Arkansas. Each of these neighborhoods is within walking distance to campus, or just a short bike, car, or bus ride away.


University of Arkansas/Downtown
The University of Arkansas is located right off of Downtown Fayetteville. Being that Fayetteville is a college town, the university campus, and area that directly surrounds it really has become its own part of Fayetteville, populated with a lot of apartments. The area that surrounds campus is a student hub with tons of restaurants and countless Fayetteville apartments and houses that are highly dominated by student renters. This area is also home to Razorback Stadium. The University of Arkansas runs along College Avenue which has hundreds of the areas restaurants and shops.

Dickson Street, or sometimes referred to as the Entertainment District, is Downtown Fayetteville’s historic street lined with a bunch of galleries, boutique shops, eateries, and bars. Fayetteville is said to be the region’s entertainment hub, and Dickson Street is the place to be on Friday night. Whether you want to hear live music, dance your heart out, or shoot some pool, there is a bar for that on Dickson ready for you any day or night of the week. There’s a little something for anyone! Dickson Street is home to the Walton Arts Center where you can catch plays and concerts weekly. Each year Dickson Street hosts the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ Bike Festival. There is also a lot of housing being built around this area to keep up with the University’s growing enrollment each year

The Fayetteville Historic Square is the town’s original center city located in the heart of Downtown. This area hosts many of the local activities, like the Fayetteville Festival of the Arts, and is home to many unique shops and modern day offices. There are several beautiful gardens and the popular Farmer’s Market. Many of the older houses surround The Square and its a short distance to the University of Arkansas.


The McNair neighborhood is located just southwest of the University of Arkansas campus. With the close proximity to campus, this is a huge area for renters. More than 90% of the Fayetteville apartments, houses and RV parks are rented in this area. Some of the off-campus student housing is in McNair like The Vue and Varsity House which offer shuttle bus services to help students get to campus. McNair is also home to Baum Stadium where you can catch the Arkansas Razorbacks baseball team. Getting to shops, bars, and restaurants, like popular Foghorn’s Wings Burgers & More, is easily accessible. Spend a day at Greathouse Park with friends where you can use the basketball courts, picnic pavilions, and open green spaces to toss around a football.


Fayette Junction
Fayette Junction is located just below McNair and is considered to be south Fayetteville. This neighborhood got its name from the Frisco Railway that ran through this part of town, however, it no longer exists. Today, Fayette Junction has several businesses, like Tyson, in the area as well as housing. Most of the housing is spread apart and are houses with larger plots of land. If you have a car, commuting to campus is less than a 5-minute drive but almost an hour walk. Rent prices are also very fair in this area. Conveniently, Fayette Junction is located near the highway and the main roads of Fayetteville. If you don’t come to school with a car this might not be the ideal neighborhood for you. Especially since a lot of the shopping for running errands would require a car if you lived here. You can’t beat the view, though! Both Root Hill and Goat Hill are located in Fayette Junction.


Wilson Park/Mount Sequoyah
Both the Wilson Park and Mount Sequoyah neighborhoods are northeast of the University of Arkansas campus and Downtown Fayetteville. Rightfully named, Wilson Park is the named after the first park in Fayetteville (which still exists) and the same goes for Mount Sequoyah.

Wilson Park is just a few minutes closer to campus than Mount Sequoyah would be.The Wilson Park neighborhood borders the Downtown Historic District and many of the homes in the area were built in the 1950s and 60s. The neighborhood surrounds Wilson Park which gives the community access to a swimming pool, basketball courts, greenhouses, tennis courts, nature trails, softball fields, and volleyball courts. If you happen to get a place here, consider yourself lucky because typically when people come here, they stay.

In the eastern part of Fayetteville is Mount Sequoyah. This forest is home to The Retreat and Conference Center used by a number of organizations and the community can hike its many trails. Most of the houses in this area are carved into the side of the mountain or on top of the mountain and new homes are always being built in this area. There are small homes and large homes scattered throughout and so many are hidden by the forest you might not be able to even see the house from the road.

To recap, here are some helpful tips/reminders:

  • All housing in each neighborhood surrounding the University of Arkansas campus is within a 5-mile radius

  • Most students living off-campus in Fayetteville live in the University/Downtown area

  • Housing in different areas, besides University/Downtown, may require car or bus transportation

  • Make sure your new place is easily accessible to shopping and grocery stores for running errands

  • Use Google Maps to determine the distance of a property you are considering to the Arkansas campus