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Off-Campus Partners vs Rent College Pads

Searching for off-campus housing is hard, but it doesn't have to be. We feel that students at every campus deserve a trusted unviersity resource to help them make safe, informed renting decisions. Our software, in tandem with universities housing departments helps to ensure every student has the perfect place to live off-campus.


Hear What Ex-Off-Campus Partners Customers Are Saying

"Generated leads [from OCP] are few and far between. Those we do receive aren't actually interested or they sent interest regarding nearly every property we have which skews our lead volume analysis.

In contrast, our partnership with has proven fruitful from the beginning. You were honest from the outset regarding what you could and could not do. There were plenty of opportunities where you could have promised the moon but refrained from doing so.”

Operations Manager
Property Management Company near The University of Oregon

What’s Important to Us:

  • Frequent contact and discussion regarding leads
  • Ease of use and automation. No need for constant updates
  • Understanding the college market inside and out
  • Understanding the Millennial renter and how to communicate with them
  • Delivering highly qualified leads in the college niche

Universities’ Housing Departments Love Our Software!

“Working with RCP has been a pleasure. They were able to customize the website based on our needs, and the finished product was exactly what we had hoped for. Both the frontend and backend are streamlined and easy to use, both for the student population and our housing department.

In addition, we were extremely impressed with the level of customer service and tech support they provided throughout the transition to the new platform. Even after the website launched to the public, their team made sure we weren't forgotten about and maintained this level of support. Any issues that arose were always met with quick responses and solutions.”

Roane Akchurin
Former Manager of Community Housing Office


Why Choose Rent College Pads?

  • Our experience providing service across 75 campuses nationwide. We have developed a proficiency in the college niche, with demonstrated success through our conventional business model, which we modify for university partnerships
  • The ability of our web platform to deliver value to students and property owners. As Rent College Pads has expanded over the past several years, our web platform has evolved to stay at the forefront of the industry
  • The ability to leverage our marketing expertise. No matter how functional and attractive a web platform, its success is ultimately dependent upon effectively drawing students to the web site. Our marketing methodologies historically result in over 70% of the students living off-campus using Rent College Pads in their off-campus housing search

Rent College Pads Offers:

  • Custom market analytics, displaying volume of searches and seasonal fluctuations
  • A comprehensive marketing program, highlighting a web based approach to attracting students, while supplementing with various conventional media and on campus activities and events
  • A state of the art web platform, which is updated and expanded frequently to constantly be up to date and increasingly easy to utilize
  • Free customization at the University’s request
  • Participation in local housing fairs and working with the Off-Campus Housing Office and various student associations
  • An on campus team who will be committed to understanding the needs of the various stakeholders while building relationships with the university, student groups, and landlords
  • For more information about how Rent College Pads can help build your school's off-campus housing community fill out the form below and a representative will contact you within two business days


Rent College Pads partners with universities across the country to help students easily find reliable, affordable, off-campus housing through custom university branded web applications. Fill out the form to request more information.