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The Best Ways To Build a Resumé As a College Student
John Smith's resume. He couldn't even get the language right. Don't make that mistake. | Flickr

John Smith’s resume. He couldn’t even get the language right. Don’t make that mistake. | Flickr

You’re doing it. You’re really doing it. You made it out of high school and now you’re killing it in college. You’re on track to graduate in four years and you’re feeling good about your major*. When you’re done with this whole college thing, finding a job will be no problem**.

*Or you’re on track for a six-year stay at college because you keep switching your major and you’re not even sure this most recent one suits you. But man, you gotta get out of here eventually, so you’ll settle for any degree at this point.
**HAHAHAHA. This isn’t how it works.

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