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What matters most about their off-campus housing to college students
We just surveyed thousands of college students and asked basically the same question. We found out what they liked and what they didn’t like. The three things that mattered the most to them?
  • Price
  • Location
  • Number of bedrooms
Students want to live affordably, near campus and with the people they want to live with (or by themselves). Those are the basics that matter the most. We also found out the issues students most commonly ran into with their student housing selections:
  • Poor quality appliances
  • Bad Wi-Fi
  • Dirty when moving in
  • Repairs are not timely
  • Inflexible leases
The commenters who have mentioned Wi-Fi before are spot on. Students expect to be able to connect to the internet all the time and at speeds that don’t make them feel like they are waiting. If they’re out in the trenches playing Call of Duty, they certainly don’t want to get deported back to the real world a second before they get in a headshot that gives their team a win. If a student is at home trying to watch a few videos on Facebook after a tough day of exams, they absolutely don’t want to watch a circle spin and spin while the video tries its hardest to load.
And a bad microwave? Have you ever tried using a microwave that cooked your hot dog for two minutes and barely got it lukewarm? Woof. Students want the things that have been standard to them their whole life to be in place at their college apartment. They know they’ll sacrifice some space and have to pay for things on their own, but they expect quality, comfort and proximity to their campus.
Last Minute Summer Fun
hiking trail

Find the perfect trail for one last hike before summer ends. (Photo: TRAILSOURCE.COM | flickr)

With school right around the corner, you might be thinking, “What did I do this summer?” You had a road trip to California, at least two trips to the local amusement park, and several days at the beach on your list of things to do this summer. Now it’s almost September and you’ve barely hit the beach twice. Where did the summer go?

Here are five fun things you can do in the last few nights left before heading back to school.

1. Have a cookout with some friends.

Celebrate the end of summer by hosting a cookout with some friends. Brats, hot dogs, burgers, steak, kabobs, etc. Save yourself some $$ by making it BYO meats/veggies to grill and spend the afternoon hanging out and enjoying some good food and sunshine

2. Go to the beach!

There’s tons to do at the beach, play beach volleyball, go swimming, lay out in the sun, or throw around a frisbee. Don’t have a beach? Check out the local parks, or make your backyard a beach oasis.

3. Go for a bike ride/walk/hike

Find a bike trail, hiking trail, etc and explore nature one last time before shutting yourself away in the library.
4. Invite some friends to a drive-in movie.

Every state has a few, so odds are, there’s one somewhat close to you. This is a fun way to chill with friends, watch a good movie (or two!), and still save some money. Plus, they tend to be cheaper than the traditional movie theater.

5. Host a bonfire/campfire

Roast some marshmallows, relax around a fire, and enjoy the last it of the cool summer breeze.

Walking Home At Night On Campus? Here’s How To Do It Safer.


Don’t Do It!

Take a cab. Call an Uber. Use a Lyft. Find another car service. We live in an age where there are so many options for arriving home and many of them aren’t very expensive. The seven dollars you’ve paid may hurt a bit, but being safe and secure really has no price.

But, if you must. Here are some tips.

Stay Focused

Don’t get distracted or off track. Your goal is to get home safely. If you hear a group nearby, don’t head off track ot see what’s going on. If you think you see something suspicious going on, make a note of what’s happening and where it is and call the police as soon as you get home.

Take Well Lit Routes

Don’t take shortcuts through dark alleys or parks because they’ll get you home quicker. Stay in well-lit areas where you can be more aware of your surroundings.

Don’t Talk On The Phone At Night

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Talking on the phone gives us a sense of comfort, because it feels like we’re not alone anymore, but it also limits our ability to be awrae of what’s going on around us.

Use A Safety App At Night

If you’re going to be walking home from a party or a bar at the end of the night, even if it’s just a short walk, you should use one of the many apps invented to keep you safe in this scenario. These apps allow your friends or family to track your whereabouts until you arrive home safely or they sound alarms if there’s been a change in your walking patterns. They make calling for help easy and give you a little more reason to feel secure.

Top 5 Places to Study at IU Bloomington

Between going to Hoosiers games, grabbing a coffee, and seeing how many baskets you can score on your over the door mini basketball hoop, some of you might be actually be looking to do some studying. It can be hard to find a place to go for some peace and quiet when your roommates are in the middle of a debate over the best household appliances.

To help out, we compiled a list of the top 5 study spots on and around Bloomington’s campus based on the least crowded and most quiet locations. Assuming you actually want to get something done, of course.

On Campus:

ACES Library


5 Pieces of Advice From 2017’s Best Commencement Speakers


It’s that time of year again. Thousands of students will line the lengths of bleachers across America—donning drapey gowns and a full head of hat hair—and wait patiently to commence the next phase of their young-adult lives. But before that, they’ll bear witness to some of the most notable academic, political and pop-culture figures of the Twenty-First Century speak on adulting, some of which will give some pretty darn good advice.

If you’re graduating this year, or if you’re just wondering what you’re doing here and could use a good pep talk, be sure to check out some of our favorite advice straight from the mouths of this year’s best commencement speakers.

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Why Preleasing Will Change Your Student Rental Game

pexels-photo-71159 (1)Why do some landlords prelease? To ward off the possibility of vacancies, of course. There’s nothing worse for a landlord than a unit sitting vacant—each month that goes by is a month’s worth of rent metaphorically thrown in the trash. It’s for this reason that preleasing can act as an insurance policy for landlords; one that ensures you won’t be missing out on any potential revenue. But are there other advantages?

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20 Most Outrageous College Mascots


Colleges around the nation are home to some of the most loved characters who help lead their team to victory! Mascots are a symbol of school spirit to help rev up the crowd, inspire fans, and intimidate the opposing team. However, some mascots just don’t quite live up to those expectations. We understand that with so many different teams and colleges that coming up with a unique mascot name cannot be the easiest task. After taking a deeper look into what mascots exist, we’re shaking our heads at these characters. In no particular order, here’s our list for some of the most outrageous college mascots.

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Top 20 Universities to Attend if you Want to Land a Job in Social Media


You Tweet at your favorite celebrities. You “like” your favorite artists and restaurants and you “like” that your friend posted a brand new selfie on Facebook. You’re constantly Snapchatting throughout the day making sure you look oh so adorable in the infamous puppy filter. Ever consider taking your social media obsession and turning it into your dream job?

On average, as reported by CNN, Americans spends over ten hours a day looking at a screen, consuming media. That time is divided between cellphone use, computers, video games, and TV. Of that time, it is projected that the average person between the ages of 18-64 spends 3.5 hours a day on social media, where as teens nowadays spend up to nine hours a day on their favored social media platforms, according to Social Media Today.

Taking data from LinkedIn, Rent College Pads put together a list of universities you should attend if you want to land a job in the social media world. Listed below are the number of employees that work for Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter that graduated from that particular university, as well as, what that university is most known for!

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