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University of Michigan’s Most Popular Rentals: September 2019

Ann Arbor is one of the biggest college towns in the country and thousands of students searching for houses and apartments near the University of Michigan use every year to find housing. Like many other campuses across the nation, many students at Michigan start searching for housing during the Fall Semester upon returning to campus for the new school year. Students begin their search in late September and then really get going in October for leases that start the following August.

This September was no different. Students started searching for houses near the Michigan campus in the second half of September. The majority of students reach out houses for rent in Ann Arbor in these early days of the leasing season, while apartments typically start going off the market after October. Competition is fierce and there are fewer houses available than apartments close to campus! 

These houses were the five most contacted properties by Michigan students in the month of September, 2019 in Ann Arbor. Continue reading

Main Street Is The Best Place To Party At The University of Michigan
Main Street in Ann Arbor, MI

Main Street in Ann Arbor, MI (Flickr)

Partying is arguably as much a part of the college experience as all-nighters and changing your major too many times. It’s what gives college students that weekly release from the rigors of the syllabus. It keeps us sane.

Though parties are a popular pastime on any college campus, parties at a B1G Ten school like the University of Michigan are a whole different story, a story that revolves around one street in particular: Main Street. Continue reading

Michigan Off-Campus Housing: 10 Top Rated Ann Arbor Landlords
Michigan Stadium at the University of Michigan

Michigan Stadium at the University of Michigan (flickr)

The hunt for the house or apartment can be a stressful time for any college student. Between balancing a heavy course load and trying to maintain a healthy social life, there isn’t a whole lot of time between those much-needed naps to go hunting for your dream place. That’s why we here at Rent College Pads have decided to help out the lucky students who attend the University of Michigan.

We sifted through hundreds of reviews of Ann Arbor apartments and properties management companies near campus and compiled a list of the top ten places to rent near the University of Michigan. Continue reading