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IU Finals Got You Stressed? Tips for Surviving Hoosiers Finals

With next week being finals week, stress on campus and around IU apartments is at an all time high. Don’t fret – you’re not the only one! The pressure put on college students is immense; pressure from themselves, their families, and their friends to achieve success. As important as finals are to the success of students, they put students in a whole new level of stress. Cramming, staying up all night, downing can after can of Red Bull, finals are tough on the body and mind. The combination of mental and physical stress makes taking these comprehensive examinations MORE difficult, not less difficult. There are some things that students can do to limit this stress though. Here are some ideas:

Go Outside! Play/Exercise

Student Playing OutsideBloomington is a beautiful town to live in. Go outside and enjoy it. Whatever you like to do outside, carve out some time from studying and go do it. Throw the football, go for a run, play Frisbee golf, hike, anything! The beauty of physical activity is that will alter your thoughts from school. It will help take your mind off things for a short period of time. This will reduce your stress, and make it easier for you to remember things when studying. Not to mention it will help you get that beach bod going for the summer!

Cook a Good Meal

College Student MealIt’s very easy to get caught up in the craziness of finals week. Whether its breakfast, lunch, or dinner, try to spend 15-30 minutes preparing a healthy meal for yourself once a day during finals. Not only will the meal help fuel your physical energy and mental capacity, but the short time away from thinking about school can be soothing. Make a meal for your roommates too, if they’re around at the time. It’ll make you feel good about yourself. Confidence is the key to success.

Listen to Music/Sleep

There have been plenty of studies that show that music can relieve stress. Typically, it’s the slower, quieter music that demonstrates the best ability to relieve stress. Use the time when you’re walking from building to building, or walking home, to listen to some calming music. Here’s a great example of something to listen to, that will relax you:

Andy McKee – Rhylynn

It will help calm you down, and may actually encourage you to take a quick nap. Worried about napping too long? Check out the app “Power Nap” on your phone. It will track your sleep activity based on desired length, and wake you right back up when your body is most ready to awaken.

Try Not to Worry

I know it seems like a completely unreasonable thought process. From personal experience, though, you need to know that these exams are such a small part of your life. Whether you do great on every one, do mediocre on some, or you don’t do as well as you’d hoped, everything will be ok. Try to focus on the long term. Yeah, these exams are going to suck a little bit, as they always do, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re just a paper test. That’s it.


Keep these things in mind. Final exams are very important, and you should definitely focus a great deal of attention on them. However, keep your life in order when doing so. Don’t lose yourself in the midst. You’ll forget more information than you’ll remember. And you won’t remember that information for longer than a few days if you cram anyways. So just calm down, use these tips to help you relax, and go NAIL THOSE SUCKERS!

Top Apartments for IU Upperclassmen

Chances are, if you’re an upperclassman at IU, you’re looking for a place for next year that is quiet, easy to get to, close enough to campus to make travelling to class easy, and reasonably priced. This combination isn’t always easy to find. Don’t worry though, it is not impossible. We’ve built a list for you of places to consider looking at. Most likely, one of them will fit your eye.

The Gateway

Gateway Apartments Bloomington

Managed by popular Bloomington Property Management company, 10th and College Management, The Gateway is a new luxury style apartment building that offers students anything from studio to three bedroom apartments. The Gateway is actually two separate buildings, which are to be connected via skybridge! There will be retail space and restaurants on the first level, with levels two and three housing the collegiate apartments. Amenities are plentiful at this new location. You’ve probably noticed it going up, it’s right off 17th Street and College Avenue, overlooking Miller Showers Park. Overall, The Gateway is awesome.

Walnut Place II

Walnut Place II in Bloomington Indiana

Geared towards graduate students at Indiana University, Walnut Place II is managed by OMEGA Properties. The team at OMEGA have been leasing in Bloomington since 1985. This is a great new building, on the south side of campus, right by the Chocolate Moose. Apartments are to include hardwood floors, high-end stainless steel appliances, and spacious floor plans. Walnut Place II is only two blocks from Kirkwood Avenue, but still is far enough away to provide a quiet location for students to get work done in.

Bloom and Millennium

Millenium Apartments in Bloomington Indiana

These two sister properties aren’t quite as close to campus as some others, but they offer an unbelievable combination of amenities. Between the two of them, there is an incredibly awesome indoor pool area, a great dog park, walking and hiking trails, every internal apartment amenity you can dream of, and a lot more. For an upperclassman that doesn’t mind driving five minutes to get to campus, these two properties are what dreams are made of.

The Village at Muller Park

Village at Muller Park in Bloomington

Do you not have a vehicle on campus? The Village at Miller Park is for you. The Village at Muller Park offers a shuttle service for their tenants to campus. Whether you do or you don’t have a car, this apartment complex is great for upperclassmen. Their clubhouse offers a wide array of games and common areas, as well as a phenomenal outdoor pool. Located just a few minutes west of town, these places are great for grad students. It’s quiet, offers the amenities that students and young professionals thrive on, and offers more than reasonable pricing.

Henderson Crossing

Henderson Crossing Bloomington Indiana

Henderson Crossing offers probably the most central location on this list. This is a much smaller apartment building, which is managed by TEMPO Properties. Located one block southwest of campus, everything is walkable in a matter of minutes. Henderson Crossing has everything that you’ll need to succeed, and offers seasonal discounts to grad students. It’s a quiet place to live, but still close enough to everything to make travelling throughout campus easy. Check out everything that Henderson Crossing has to offer.

There are many more places throughout campus that offer great places to live for older students. However, this ought to get you started. Reach out to us if you need any help finding IU apartments.