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Muncie Apartments and Houses: Ten Top Rated Ball State Landlords
muncie apartments

Be bold. Investigate your Ball State living situation. (Flickr)

If you’re just starting to search for a place to live near campus, it can be difficult to figure out which are the best landlords and Muncie apartments near BSU . Searching for an apartment or house to rent can be overwhelming, especially in a college town like Muncie where there are so many options … including some less than stellar ones.

We understand what it means to find the right landlord. Fearing the collapse of your balcony when it rains or patching up holes in the wall during December are hardly anyone’s definition of an ideal living situation. Don’t end up in a bad spot with a neglectful landlord.

Landlords can come in many different forms, whether it’s personal or managed by a company. However, obtaining the title of “a good landlord” isn’t something just anyone can do. Here’s what being a good landlord means to us:

  1. Fixes maintenance issues promptly
  2. Easy to get in contact with
  3. Respects the tenant privacy by giving advanced notice before coming over
  4. Listens to tenant concerns with the property
  5. Knows who is obligated to do what in maintaining the household
  6. Treats residents with respect

Unfortunately, not all landlords abide by these standards and it’s important to differentiate where they fall on the awful to excellent spectrum before signing your lease. This task can be difficult when you’re expected to make a decision whether or not you’re putting down your security deposit after one or two showings.

Before you decide to put down that security deposit, finish your homework and know which landlords have the best reputation. Continue reading