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Everyone is familiar with the horrors of finding a new living arrangement while you’re enrolled in college. There are numerous tales of roommates eating your food and destroying your sleeping habits, the upstairs neighbors who practices league bowling the early hours of the morning, and even something as simple as getting a room the size of your roommate’s closet. All of these are nightmare problems that you wish you would’ve known about. But it doesn’t have to be that way when you look for Temple off-campus housing. There are plenty of quality temple apartments with great landlords out there ready to provide you with a place that’s comfortable.

Because we understand the struggles you’re going through; we’ve done our best to make finding your next Temple apartment or house for rent much easier. We researched apartment/house rental property companies around the Philadelphia area near Temple and used their Google Review/Yelp/Whatever Review Service People Actually Left Reviews On scores to give you ten that stand out.

MK Management Group (Average Rating: 4.6)

The MK Management group brings an end-to-end property management service to Temple University. A hallmark of theirs is providing professional, responsive, and honest service to everyone who chooses to work with them. Not an original concept, but sometimes, actually executing on the fundamentals of treating people well stands out.

Out of a plethora of positive 5-star reviews, this one from a college student stands out

This is my first year dealing with MK Management and they are amazing! We are all sophomores so all five girls are new to renting. Our realtor, Dan Morgis, has really been a great help with giving me information and answering any questions I have right away. We are very excited to be renting through MK Management!

JG Real Estate (Average Rating: 4.5)

JG Real Estate is a full-service real estate brokerage that specializes in leasing in the Philadelphia area. They say their commitment to excellence is unrivaled, and after looking at the Google reviews you’d have to believe. Review after review praises the professionalism of the company, but many also praise tech-savvy approach as well, which isn’t something you hear about most landlords.

Our favorite review

” … great experience. renting. repairs. and sales. everything. hands down amazing. I was covered in every aspect with no worries. and barely had to lift a finger, JG covered all of my needs. probably my favorite thing about dealing with them was that the entire team is so tech savvy that I was able to cover ground with a few taps of a smartphone. which really expedited any issues/ needs. highly recommend!!”

The View at Montgomery (Average Rating: 4.1)

The View at Montgomery offers the ONLY all inclusive, resort style student apartments near Temple University. If you’ve spent a year or two living in a huge house with a bunch of roommates, no amenities, and even less privacy, your world will change by hopping into a place at The View. A fun colorful design on the outside may catch your attention, but it’s what inside that counts. A 24-hour fitness center, tanning beds, beautiful views, a study lounge, bicycle storage, and many more amenities await you.

A fun colorful design on the outside may catch your attention, but it’s what inside that counts. A 24-hour fitness center, tanning beds, beautiful views, a study lounge, bicycle storage, and many more amenities await you. Sometimes the mega-complexes like this one pack on the perks, but forget to actually respond to requests for maintenance. Fortunately, The View knows how to provide service alongside their style.

Our favorite review

The View is the best residential option around campus. I’ve lived in a different place every year at Temple, and nothing else compares. It’s brand new, super modern, and has an amazing staff! And the amenities are a giant plus!

Govberg Realty (Average Rating: 4.0)

Govberg Realty focuses on student housing near Temple University. They wish to be ethical, honest and professional with all of their clients. Their emphasis is on building a relationship with them and working to give them the best possible experience they can. Their website calls it the #GovbergDifference. Follow along with the hashtag on Twitter for updates about leasing specials, giveaways and all the other stuff that makes social media a little bit more worthwhile.

Our favorite review

I have dealt with Govberg Realty on many different levels and I always have an excellent experience. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They offer a strategic & broad outlook to investors and provide safe & modern options for renters. Ask for Johnny and check them out

Temple Villas (Average Rating: 3.8)

Temple Villas offers the ease of dorm life with the independence and convenience of off-campus housing. Temple Villas contains a wide variety of locations around the university and will surely have the one for you.

Also, they are called “Temple Villas,” which means you’d be able to tell people that you live in a villa. Doesn’t that just sound better than apartment or studio? Imagine bragging to your friends back home about the villa you’re now occupying. They’ll be thousands of miles away imaging you lounging in a hammock while cursing your name. That alone would make the Villas worthwhile, even without the dope reviews.

Our favorite Review

I really enjoyed my time staying with Temple Villas. I have tried other leasing companies and Temple Villas were the only company that took care of maintenance on time. Also I have several packages sent every week and they were great with receiving them and letting me know when I got a package. They are also very fairly priced in the area and very nice to deal with.

Post Brothers (Average Review: 3.5)

Post Brothers, founded in 2007, manages apartment buildings and complexes in the Philadelphia area. Post Brothers has found success by having an in-house team oversee all aspects of their business. To date, they have seven properties. Why not stop down and see if one of them is right for you?

Our favorite review

“I have lived at Rittenhouse Hill since they first reopened. I must say that living there while under construction was tough but now that is everything is complete, I LOVE IT. I am a pretty avid researcher and I have yet to find a place that offers so much included in the rent. I totally took advantage this summer of the pool and the grills. I also cant wait to use their puppy spa since I just got a brand new puppy. I highly recommend this place if high-end living with peace and quiet is what you are looking for.”

Peer Property (Average Rating: 3.4)

Peer Property oversees the hippest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Combining modern spaces with contemporary floor plans Peer Property creates a unique sense of home for all of their tenants. They are a hometown Philadelphia company with your landlords and maintenance also doubling as your neighbors.

Our favorite review

“I have been renting from Peer Property at Second and Oxford for a year an a half and have had such an excellent experience. The apartments are beautiful, large, and well-kept, repairs are completed quickly, and management is responsive to any issues. In fact, I needed to move to a larger apartment and decided to do so within the same property because I loved it so much! In particular, Barbara has been such a pleasure to work with – she works hard to create a welcoming and livable community, and really cares about her residents! Thank you for the wonderful experience!”

RentCampusOnline (Average Rating: 3.3)

Rent Campus Online is a one-stop resource for campus housing in the Philadelphia area. They wish to cater to the undergrad student, graduate students, faculty or just someone looking to live in a vibrant, prosperous community. Students seem to make up the majority of their tenants, as their website is very student friendly and easy to use.

With their ease of searching, Rent Campus Online may be for you if you’re one who doesn’t want to trudge around Philadelphia searching for a student-friendly spot.

Our favorite review

“I can’t express enough the importance of having a dependable agent help a parent find an apartment for their child to live in during the school year when not from the local area. We stumbled upon listings with rentcampusonline and got in contact with Oren. I was expecting someone to just show my son an apartment, but Oren went above and beyond to familiarize us with the area and sent us videos of the apartment and the area our son would be living in. It was amazing how much Oren helped us. We are more than satisfied and we can now feel at ease because Oren made us feel comfortable with where our son is going to live. I thought doing everything through the phone and computer would be difficult but it wasn’t.”

Templetown Realty (Average Rating: 3.0)

TempleTown Realty has been focused on servicing students to Temple University since 1996. They boast 300 apartments and houses all within three blocks of the University so you can enjoy your commute on foot.

The best thing about TempleTown? They’re not the dorms, and each place is free to your customization (but I mean don’t go cutting your wall down to chill with your neighbor).

Our favorite review

“My name is Malak and I currently live at the Modules house. I like it so mush because it is clean and near to Temple university. The view from my apartment is magnificient. Also Michelle Naclerio halped me a lot. She did an amazing job. Because she helped and she was so friendly with me, i renew the apartment contract for another year!! Thanks a lot for me feel home.”

Kardon/Atlantic Apartments & University Apartments (Average Rating: 3.0)

Kardon/Atlantic introduces stylish and modern living experience right within Temple Univeristy’s Main Campus. The spacious and fun life experience includes a rec center where you can workout or practice your ping pong or billiards game. When you’re not working up a sweat, why not take a break in the café included onsite and start studying for that midterm you’ve been putting off.

Our favorite review

“I chose to live at Kardon/Atlantic my sophomore year at Temple University. I was so ready to get out of the dorms on campus but my parents still wanted me to live somewhere with security. So when my roommate and I looked for apartments that surrounded Temple’s campus Kardon/Atlantic stood out the most and offered the best quality living for a reasonable price. Right away I fell in love with the big windows and their view and how open the apartments were. Michelle who is basically in charge of everything at Kardon/Atlantic is a very down to earth and easy to get along with. She wants everyone to enjoy their experience living at Kardon/Atlantic and is always open to hear people’s ideas and suggestions to make Kardon/Atlantic a better place to live. Living at Kardon/Atlantic has been a great experience and I would recommend these apartments to anyone looking to be close to campus!”

All in all, Temple University has a significant number of properties, so take some time, compare some places and make an educated decision. All you need to do now is get together with your friends, find out what you’re looking for, and make that decision. But hey, don’t let stress become another nightmare, let Rent College Pads help you find your dream apartment or house near Temple.


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