Bloomington, Indiana Rentals: Top 5 Indiana University Landlords

Apartment rental companies don’t always have the most sterling reputations. However, there are good ones out there. Fear not, future apartment dweller, there’s a place for you that has good pricing and will not screw you out of your security deposit for an extra buck.

Why go through the heartache of dealing with a terrible landlord that does not get back to you about fixing issues? Why rent from an owner that cares more about getting someone new in than taking care of his or her current tenants? There are a lot of people out there that have gone through the heartaches already, and their experiences can help guide you.

indiana university off campus housing

What time is it at Indiana’s campus? Time to find an apartment that doesn’t rip you off. (Flickr)

We sifted through landlords with multiple reviews online and found the most consistently high rated apartments and houses to rent near the Indiana University-Bloomington campus.

Here are the top five Bloomington, Indiana rentals, and rental companies:

1. Abodes, Inc.

Average rating: 4.6

Abodes has been around for quite a while and earns almost exclusively positive reviews online. They have apartments for rent near campus and have developed a sterling reputation with students. Abodes has over 30 years of leasing experience in Bloomington and currently manages over 170 houses and apartments in Bloomington.

On top of having great experience in Bloomington, Abodes also dedicates themselves to being a more sustainable business by implementing their “Green Initiative.” Abodes has gone so far as to share with all their residents their “Green Initiative” and develop an organic community garden for residents.

Our favorite Google review:

I’ve lived in the Woods complex for a year and I love it! I’m a grad student at IU and the apartment is very convenient to campus but still feels removed enough from the business of campus. It’s right on 2 major bus lines and near several major grocery stores. The apartment itself is very spacious and has many large windows. My place faces the woods and has a nice patio for working outside. The property is pet friendly and my cat loves lounging by the window watching all the animals coming out of the woods. Highly recommend!”

2. Facilitech

Average rating: 4.6

Facilitech is a locally owned company based in Bloomington that has developed an exceptional reputation as well. With a portfolio including houses and mid-sized apartment buildings, Facilitech has a lot to offer college students in the area. Paul and Rob have both distinguished themselves in the community as landlords that care about their tenants and treat them accordingly.

Our favorite Google review:

Facilitech is hands down the best property management in Bloomington. In a town full of horrible landlords who just want your money, Paul takes care of his tenants like family. Every probably I’ve ever had is handled immediately. The owner even came out to unclog my drain within an hour of my complaint! I would definitely rent from Facilitech again, and hate to leave their wonderful management!

3. Burnham Rentals

Average rating: 4.3

Burnham Rentals has been renting apartments to Bloomington students since 1942. You heard me, 1942! While some of us were generations away from being born, Burnham Rentals was renting apartments to students at IU.

Burnham prides themselves as owners and operators of their properties near campus. There is no middleman with this locally owned company. You’ll be dealing with owners most of the time. With 12 different locations all within walking distance to campus, Burnham specifically has locations close to the Maurer School of Law, Optometry School, Chemistry Building, Swain East and West, Ballantine Hall, and the Jacobs School of Music. If you fall into any of these categories, we highly recommend that you take a look at renting from Burnham!

Our favorite Google review:

There are several reasons you should rent from the Burnhams. First, the Burnhams are possibly the best landlords I have had. Any problem I had was fixed within a day. They were always responsive to any issues and took care of anything I needed taken care of. To be clear, I very rarely had any problems. I lived there for three years and I only had a few things I needed fixed. I really can’t say too many good things about these people. Second, the location, especially for law students, is amazing. The winters can be bad in Bloomington and being so close to class can really help you get out of bed when it’s below zero. From door to door it’s only about a 3-5 minute walk to Maurer. Third, the staff is supper friendly. There are more reasons, but I think you get the point. Overall, you couldn’t ask for a better place to live, especially if you’re a law student. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place to live in Bloomington.” 

4. OMEGA Properties

Average rating: 3.8

OMEGA Properties is another family owned business in Bloomington. They’ve been around for a long time and have always rented to college students. The Friedman’s have worked hard to maintain a good reputation in the community and have done a lot to improve their properties over the years.

With almost 40 separate locations, including houses and apartment buildings, OMEGA has options to fit just about every student’s needs and wants.

Our favorite Google review:

I’ve lived in an Omega apartment for a semester now and have had nothing but a positive experience. My apartment is probably the nicest place I’ll be living in until I’m 30, with a huge living room and a full kitchen. The staff is very kind and understanding – my microwave broke within my first week here and not only did they replace it within the day, but also at no charge. In the interim they even loaned me the one the use in the office. I highly recommend leasing from Omega Properties, this is the best deal in town for the price I’m paying.”


5. The Park on Morton

Average rating: 3.7

The Park on Morton is luxury student housing property located in an ideal spot just off College Avenue. It’s not all too common to have the location walking distance to campus, but The Park on Morton is right there!

The Park on Morton also features a private park for their residents. After our student survey, we realized how much good WIFI means to you as a college student. Well, The Park also offers its residents high-speed WIFI for FREE. Included in your rent is all of your high-speed internet access throughout the whole place. So don’t go wasting your time on hold with the cable company for hours, go check out The Park on Morton.

Also, just in case you happen to like beer (and are old enough to drink it!), The Park on Morton is only ONE BLOCK from Bloomington’s craft brewery, Upland Brewery. That’d be a game changer for us … just saying.

Our favorite Google review:

I’m going on my third year here living at the Park on Morton, and there’s a reason I haven’t left! Management has gotten better since Coastal Ridge took over, and we rarely (if ever) have any serious problems. This is as low-maintanence as college living can get, since for one flat fee you get rent, furniture, internet, water, trash, and cable. Parking and electric are paid on your own, but this is as good as it gets when looking for a convenient college-kid-friendly complex to live in. Gym is small, but effective when I don’t feel like driving to the campus gym. Pool is always clean and busy, and the surrounding grounds are well-kept. Maintenance can be slow, but gets things taken care of when it’s an urgent issue. I recommend POM to all my friends, especially for the price. If you want everything to be perfect, go live somewhere with $1000+/month rent.

If any of this has piqued your interest, make sure to check out more information on Bloomington, Indiana and browse all available student rentals in Bloomington.

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