Clemson Off-Campus Housing: Top 10 Rated Landlords

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The average college student has a lot of tough choices to make: Deciding which speech section they want to take, selecting which fraternity/sorority they want to pledge too, wondering what they’re going to wear (or when to show up for that matter) to the big football game and even choosing which filter they should put on that 2 a.m. Snapchat that’s headed back home towards their ex. All these choices might be important to the college lifestyle but none of them can make or break your experience like choosing a spot to live.

To help make that choice a little easier, we’ve decided to run through a list of real estate agencies and rental properties around the Clemson campus on Google maps and have selected the top 10 based on their star rankings and pulled out a few choice reviews for your reading pleasure. Oh, and by the way, choose the dog filter.

Campus View

The Campus View apartments certainly aren’t lying with their name as they are right across the street from campus. These fully furnished two to four-bedroom apartments bring you as close to luxury living as you’re going to get while you’re enrolled in classes. The resort style pool, patio, and clubhouse will give you a ton of things to do when you’re not across the street deep in your studies. Which is perfect, since you did come here to learn right?

Aspen Heights

Aspen Heights is dedicated to giving each student that chooses to call it home the best living experience they can possibly get. They understand the culture and the power that Clemson has as a university and they want to work with that to make sure you’re having a blast. Clemson might be in South Carolina but you’ll be loving the California style pool. Pool not you’re thing? Why not catch the newest Matt Damon film in their on-site movie theater with some of your friends? They have a ton of reasons to stay in and have a great time, but they also have a shuttle to take you to and from classes so you don’t forget why you’re here.

Highpointe at Clemson

Highpointe says they’re a student community like no other, and after spending some time checking the place out, we’d be inclined to agree. Highpointe is the high life as they boast impressive four bedrooms, four bath condos. It isn’t for every budget but when you’re there, you’re there if you know what I mean. Despite the luxury style living, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded peers who won’t mind chilling by the pool or spending some time in the game room as a welcome reprieve from the daily rigors of the course syllabus. Highpointe sits just 2 miles from campus but they’ll gladly run you to and from with their shuttle.

The Gallery

Gallery isn’t just an app on your iPhone, it’s a stylish zen community (their words, not ours) that offers an alternative living style for Clemson students. The houses are contemporary-loft style apartments that are perfect to chill out in. Just imagine putting on that Dave Matthews vinyl and playing some hackey sack outside in the idyllic setting (our words, not theirs). You don’t have to imagine that if you’re a resident of The Gallery.


1st Clemson Rentals

Unlike the others listed above, 1st isn’t a single building but it’s a rental agency with a number of different properties located around the university. This can definitely be a good thing as you have a larger number of variety and they chance to have your own house in a part of town that you want to live in. 1st Clemson pledges a responsibility to their properties and equally to their tenants. You’re going to want to get a group of friends to go in on these houses and get the ball rolling because when they open up, they close pretty quickly.

The Reserve

We see a return to the community style living with The Reserve which is exceptional, yet achievable. Located in a beautiful rolling setting, The Reserve offers either two or four bedroom floorplans. The Reserve also offers up a clubhouse so you can catch up on some of that socialization you think you’re missing out on by skipping on the dorms. Some of the other places listed on here have a pool for you to hang out at well at The Reserve you get two pools and I’m pretty sure my math class taught me that 2 > 1, but I’m a liberal arts major so what do I know. Don’t worry about driving to class if you’re car-less, you’re doing the environment a favor and the CAT shuttle would gladly escort you. Hurry up and reserve a spot at The Reserve (and you can get away from poorly written puns like that)

Cottages of Clemson

The Cottages of Clemson is a vibrant student living community powered by gorgeous two and four-bedroom cottages. But you’re going in alone and don’t have any friends, does this exclude you? Nope, they offer the best roommate matching in all of Clemson so hopefully you can meet your BFF. They want to keep things easy on you so they make sure that internet and an upgraded cable package is included in your rent. That means you can binge watch The Office instead of studying for your O-Chem midterm and not worry about paying Comcast. When you’re not on campus, you can chill out at the pool, hang on the sundeck, play some volleyball or work on putting on their putting green.

Clemson Lofts

The Clemson Lofts are the newest options in student housing in town. They offer gorgeous and spacious apartments with a ton of stuff to do while you’re not deep in a textbook. Check out the pool, free tanning, a 24-hr fitness center and you can put those ping pong balls you have in your room to good use and actually play ping pong instead of, uh playing water pong on Thursday nights with your roommates. They also offer up super-fast Wi-Fi to hold up to all your streaming, gaming and studying needs (because we all know you’d use Fiber optic powered internet to load iRoar faster. The modern comfort and all utilities included in the rent make this place a must visit.

University Village at Clemson

University Villages are a staple at most D1 schools and it’s no surprise why. It’s where all the parties go down on game day, it’s loaded with thousands of students and it has a ton of amenities so you don’t have to go far from home to find what you want. Clemson is no different. There are lounge areas, computer labs with printing, cabanas, pools and a ton of other dope stuff. Best of all? They’re pet friendly. They offer either three or four-bedroom plans so either grab some friends or dig into the roommate matching.

Tiger Towne Village

Tiger Town is a student neighborhood located just one mile from campus. The three-bedroom units also come with three full baths so you never have to worry about a roommate doing funky stuff with your razor and much worse your toothbrush. The community pool and fitness center will give you time to interact with your peers and make a new friend. It’s also located on the CAT busline so you’ll be able to head to and from classes with ease. Tiger Town Village holds themselves to high standards but can offer you a spot in their community that would make any wallet happy (even a student’s wallet)

There you have it, 10 of the best options for you to live in Clemson. Looking at these might help and be a good start but what you have to do is gather your friends (or go solo) and get out and set up some showings. We know how much college students like to procrastinate but this is one thing you simply cannot put off.

Interested in seeing more? Check out the complete list of apartments and houses near Clemson University.

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