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Best Apartments for LSU Students

LSU Campus in Baton Rouge

As you enter college, there is a lot of wondering and a lot of guessing going on. After all, you’re on your own now and this is new territory. As classes begin you wonder if you even picked the right major. Or how about trying to guess on your multiple choice History exam that you totally didn’t study enough for. Oh, and let’s not forget the dreaded, guessing of what you Snapchatted your ex last night. Choosing where to live can make or break a college experience so let Rent College Pads take the guesswork out of where you’ll sign your first lease.

We sat down and searched through hundreds of off-campus housing options in Baton Rouge and read through tons of reviews, leaving you with the top rated landlords!

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Utah State Off-Housing: 10 Top Rated Logan Landlords

USU Football Stadium

Growing up in life you go through a lot of “firsts.” At the age of five, you have your first day of school. Fast forward to when you get your first job. From that job you have enough money get your first car. You go on your first date where you have your first kiss. Your first day of college has come and gone and you’re ready to sign a lease on your first house. Let Rent College Pads make your housing decision a little easier.

We sat down and searched through the Logan area off-campus housing options for students attending the Utah State University. After picking through hundreds of reviews, we compiled a list of the top landlords in Logan to help you out!

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